World of Converse.

Oh Converse, how did I live 18 years without you? There has been a converse shaped hole in my heart for many years, but now my life is fulfilled. Right. Now I've said my dramatic piece for a pair of shoes, we can get down to business. (To defeat the that film.) These have been my current obsession since buying them at the start of this year, hey, who knew you could be fashionable and comfortable? And I am all for things that help me get my step count up on my Fitbit. So this is just a little post, because I couldn't not talk about the things that are nearly permanently attached to my feet at the moment.

My typical outfit with these are some Asos jeans (Blue or Black) and a cosy jumper which equals ultimate comfort while looking effortless chic. (Hopefully) Then you look at my messy hair and any je ne sais quoi  is lost. As the Spring and summer months approach I'm planning on wearing them with some shorts or boyfriend jeans for a really casual look that keeps me cool. I rarely find a pair of sandals that don't rip my feet to pieces so the light canvas of the converse are perfect. I am hoping to make them last as long as possible because no.1 They are a little more than what I might normally spend on shoes, so I want my moneys worth and no.2 I really want them to be a complete staple in my all year round capsule wardrobe. |Could these be the shoes that gets the ball rolling on my adamant postponing of making my shoes join the world of the capsule wardrobes. I'm looking forward to showing them as a whole look for spring sometime soon. Keep an eye out. 

The only downside to these perfect editions to my capsule wardrobe is that white is a difficult colour to wear and care for as you can see from the front of them. I gave them a good wipe so any cleaning recommendations would be much appreciated. And you do have to deal with the issue of good ankles in the winter, but just make sure you've got some cosy socks waiting for you at home. I can deal with these little hiccups because I freaking love them! 

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