Lush Love.

Everybody knows lush. It has become amazingly popular over the past few years which is great because they really do have ethics to boast about. I wanted go talk about my favorite scent from lush; snow isn't around all year so that makes it even more special for me.

This year for Christmas I bought my step sister the snow fairy set which is wrapped in pink and silver so it is sickingly sweet like its scent. I also found one for myself under the tree as we had bought each other the same thing. We're probably going to do it again next year.

I really love products that are fun o use for whatever reason and the body shimmer is just divine. Glitter is my favorite thing so the lovely lady in lush directed me to the most glittery thing she could think of so I am now the proud owner of fairy dust. It would be a great gift for a friend because it is so cute and silly.

Easter for me.

Its nearly Easter day! For us Christians it is a celebration for Jesus. Its only a few months since we welcomed Jesus into the world and now we've said goodbye to him on Good Friday and now we are going to say hello again. As lovely as it is to binge chocolate we really need to remember the true meaning that most people know about, but just forget because the shops have just turned it into a money making scheme as they do with Christmas.

Even though most people have only just started to think about Easter we've been thinking about it since Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday when lent started.
I give up chocolate again this year, but I have done terribly this year due to temptation and just going through a bad time. (I'm an emotional eater) But I will try again next year. The whole point of this post is to really get you to think of the true meaning even just for a minute while you're having your Sunday lunch or scoffing yummy chocolate eggs. (The shape of the egg represents the stone in front of Jesus' tomb and new life. Fun fact) Please don't think that being Christian is just about praying (I mean praying is an important part) and being serious all the time, because it is so much more. Its coming together as a community and a family of God; my friends at church are the funniest and most relaxed people I know. I can't quite put into words the amazing feeling that I get when I feel close to God, but I'm sure fellow religious people will know what I mean.
Anyhow I still love getting my Easter eggs and I put together a little Easter egg hunt for my niece which is what the pictures are of. Enjoy your Easter day or whatever you happen to be doing tomorrow.

Kite Nest. Natural and Pampering.

In my local area there is an amazing brand that I really wanted to share with you. It is called Kite Nest.  Their products are 100% natural which is important to me because I think your body is natural, so you should try to put other natural things on it. 


I'm not sure if I can pick a favorite, but it may have to be the body butter which has a lime and clove scent. As the products are natural the scent is not overwhelming which is great for me because I can get head aches from extremely pungent smells, but this is just perfect. As well as trying it myself to give you a honest review, I also asked my mum to use it. Body butter is her holy grail product that she swears by and has done for decades; so I knew she had more experience to give it the best review possible. To be honest she really loved it! My mum uses the same brand all the time, so she has enjoyed a little change. She said that this body butter soaks into the skin quickly, is mousterizing without being greasy and I completely agree. Kite Nest's body butter is defiantly a favorite of mine now especially as it is still cold so the product really does wonders for my dry skin.

I have two Kite Nest lip balms which have Orange and Spearmint scents and their consistencies is not too wet which I really dislike as it makes my lips sticky, but these balms just give a lovely layer of moisture, so you don't have to deal with the hair stuck on lips on a windy day situation. They are easy to put in any pocket or handbag for the day or you could just leave one on your bedside table for night time. As they are completely natural I am not worried what I'm putting near my mouth, because like I said before we need to look after our natural bodies. I would defiantly recommend the orange scented one because it is so yummy and fruity. None of these products are tested on animals which is a fantastic thing as many of my favorite makeup brands unfortunately don't have the same amazing ethics. 


Last, but not least I wanted to talk about the body scrub. I haven't used this product as much as the others as you don't need to scrub your body everyday, but I have been so impressed with results it has given me without rubbing my skin red raw which is what most body scrubs do. The mixture is Himalayan salt and nourishing oils that leave your skin soft and smooth. And who doesn't want that?


I know these products will be used up quickly because they are so pampering and relaxing to use; you can look at these and other products here
What are your most pampering products? 

*This post is in collaboration with KiteNest, but the thoughts and opinion expressed are my own.

New Old shoes; 70s Asos shoes.

 I'm really trying to branch out in fashion. I do tend to stick to the same type of style as you know if you've seen any of my previous post, so I wanted to go for something new. I really love the 70s style from looking at people like Alexa Chung; I know that the 70s trend as been a while and I have been going along with the suede skirt that I really love, but I wanted to do more. However I get nervous that I will do something and look ridiculous as most people do at some point in their life.

When I saw these shoes I was really excited, because I knew they would be the thing to get the ball rolling. The shape of the shoes is nothing like I have ever had before and also the colour is gorgeous and really wearable. Even the heel makes me think of ABBA and Lava Lamps. The quality is just fantastic as they are from Asos. As much as I love Asos I would love if they came from a cool and hipster vintage shop on Brick Lane, but we can't have everything.

I can't wait to style these in a cool and new outfit. I think this year its all about incorporating the 70s in your style and not just trying to wear full on 70s, so I will be scrolling through Pinterest a lot. I was thinking they would look good with jeans, because getting in spring it seems more acceptable to wear opened toe shoes. 

Are you trying anything a bit different for a fashion trend?