My (pretend) Shoe Capsule Wardrobe.

So you will all know by now that if you've been keeping up with my blog that I have begin the adventure that is having a capsule wardrobe. I've gotten rid of clothes that don't fit, things I'm never actually going to wear and items hat I have held on for too long. I kept my favourite items and slowly added items that almost all go together. I've found my style and I'm really happy with how thought out my wardrobe is now. I can now start putting those winter things away and go into full on Spring/Summer mode. I'm looking forward to having a smaller but more edited collection of clothes. No more hording. Oh wait. 

Something I am yet to tackle, is my shoe collection. I've mentioned before that I like a have a lot of shoe variety and when my boyfriend said that I only have two feet. I answered; "my feet go to lots of different places." Which in my opinion is a fair answer. 
However, I really do want to make my shoe collection more edited and think about what shoes I wear the most so this is post is all about my most worn shoes and basically if I had a gun to my head, which shoes would I pick? This are my top picks, not including rarely worn yet necessary shoes like wellies or waking boots. I've tried to pick from each category like boots, flats, heels, and shoes I wear nearly everyday. 

I have spoken about Chelsea boots a million times on this blog. They're my extra limb. My constant. My rock. Yep, I wear these so much! As soon as I have worn through and wrecked a pair I buy another. If I was to ever buy a designer pair shoes, (The kind that costs more than my monthly rent)it would be these beauties because we go together like cheese and chips.  (Please don't judge my love of cheesy chips). These will definitely be my first capsule wardrobe pick if I ever make myself do it. 

I've written about the wonderful world of piratical converse recently in this post, so I wont go into too much detail. Basically, they are not the cheapest shoes on the high street but I'm pretty sure I have got my moneys worth already, 4 months in. 

These are my summer shoes and I really hope they will last. These are from Primark so they were a bargain, but may not last a long time. (I'll let you know after summer) I try to stay away from trends, because surely they can't be classic if they're a trend, but I've made an exception as these are so pretty! In my defence they are a classic shape and are very comfortable. These are going to warm weather shoes and realistically I only need one pair of summer shoes living in England. You know, for those 2 weeks of hot weather. 

I have had these for years now so these had to be included in my fantasy capsule shoe collection. These are my 'out there' shoes which will seem silly for some people. But Leopard print is the only pattern I own apart from a floral dress. This is definitely my wild card item. I have found with these shoes that paying a little bit more for a brand that isn't Primark, New Look etc has really payed off. Kurt Geiger has really impressed me with the quality of these and there is nothing better than the proof of time to show how good they are. 

A nude court shoe should be in everyones' capsule wardrobe. Believe me it will go with everything at every event. Got a wedding? Sorted. Graduation? Sorted. Any party? Sorted. Kate Middleton really made these popular because who doesn't want to be classy like a Duchess? Also, they are very aesthetically pleasing. I think BooHoo is underrated as brand when it comes to shoes because I have some great pairs that I still haven't worn through and I am pretty heavy on my feet and also, very clumsy. 

Maybe one day I'll be able to say my shoe collection is a little thin on the ground, but until then I'll keep planning out the pretend capsule wardrobe and maybe try experimenting with putting my rarely used shoes away to see of I would actually miss them. In the future I am planning on re creating this post to see if I would swap anything or add to it. I'd like to give an honourable mention to some other favourites; my vans which are currently my work shoes, my joules trainers that I am very protective over and my flat Chelsea boots that are classic and practical at the same time. Whats not to love? 
Wish me luck my newest venture. 

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