L'oreal colour riche lipstck.

This is not a big post because I'm a little tired from the fun of Christmas Day; I hope you had a lovely day. 

 I recently bought this lipstick and I love it so much that i just had to tell you about it. I was in duty free in the airport on the way to Ireland and I was browsing when I saw these beautiful L'Oreal lipsticks. I don't wear many bright colours because I don't feel like they suit me, so finding a really nice natural colour lipstick was great. The shade is 325.

The consistency is moisturising and sheer, but they lovely colour is still obvious with out being too in your face for want of a better phrase. It's is great for when you don't want to wear lots of makeup or you want a natural look when you bold eye look. It was only £6 something in duty free which is a bargain, so the next time I see I will defiantly purchase another as it has become a big part of my everyday makeup routine. 

I thought it would be good as L'Oreal is a great brand, but even the best brands can let you down sometimes however this did not and I'm really glad I bought it. I think everyone should have a great natural coloured lipstick, because it can make the world of difference.

What makeup do you wear everyday?

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Garish Christmas jumper?

'Tis the season to wear jumpers. Tra la la laa la la... Anyway it's getting closer to that time of year: Christmas!! I love the traditions surtounding Christmas like family gathering together, celebrating the birth of Jesus, the food and of course the jumpers. I've uploaded it a bit early, because I'm going to Ireland for a couple of days where there is no internet. 

At school we had a Christmas jumper day to raise money for charity which is great as it is fun and for a good course. I already had one jumper, but it's more of a jumper dress, so I really wanted to purchase a new one. At the moment Primark is filled with jumpers from more traditional ones like mine to the most garish things you will ever see. Even though the funny fake Santa belly jumper made me laugh, I really wanted something I could really wear everyday. Therefore I went for this reindeer pattern jumper which is a wool blend, do it may not be the softest,but it's defiantly comfy, 

I think the colours are so me,because I wear a lot of dark blues and burgundy, so the jumper is perfect for my wardrobe. Hopefully I will wear it for many Christmas' to come and if not it was only £13, so I won't feel like I've poured money down the drain. There is such a mixture of different Christmas jumpers in Primark that I would strongly recommend you popping in to have a look. 

Do you have a Christmas jumper or do you leave it to others to embarrass themselves like me?



   Photos taken by Cathrinsky

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Sparkle in winter.

Hello, I hope you are having a lovely day. I'm uploading now, because I had some technical difficulties with a card reader, but I have now resolved the issue. 
Last week I was scouring the internet as one does, because I decided I needed new shoes;  I asked my sister if I needed them and she said "you always need new sparkly shoes", so I went ahead and bought them,which is probably not true, but when I saw these I just knew that I would wear them all the time.

I was right! The black goes with everything and the style is really cute for every day and in the evening. Also, they are really comfortable which is a big plus for me as I have to do a lot of walking, so not getting blisters is a great thing. They were £25 and were completely worth it as I have worn them everyday for a week now to show that they really do go with everything.

I was afraid that the jewels on the front would not be totally secure, but the quality is unbelievable. However the fabric is satin which is not great in the rain, however they are really easy to keep clean and looking new. I would recommend these to anyone because Asos always gets it right. (You can tell I love Asos.) What are your favorite shoes? 


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*These were bought by myself and the opinions expressed are my own.

Winter Style. Arboretum.

So its December and windy which means everyone needs a nice warm winter coat. I've already spoken about this one in a previous post, but I wanted to show another possible outfit that is comfy to wear in the day time and is warm enough that it keeps the wind off. 

My sister, niece and I went for a walk in the local, beautiful Arboretum, so because my sister is amazing at taking photos: she very kindly tries to make me look photogenic. Her blog is here.
This outfit is mostly Primark which makes it really affordable when you are at sixth form age and you don't have a lovely paying job. 
I bought this bag from Accessorize in September and it has served me well so far. I use it as a school bag, because even though it doesn't look very big its like a Tardis when I need to fit all my textbooks in.

My pinafore dress is not something I would usually go for, but I think I've made it work. I love it for school, so I can look a bit different from other people, but still not stick out too much. Again, I'm wearing my Foxford scarf and black boots. These are not the same boots as the last post, because they decided they no longer wanted to be together in one piece. These are from eBay like the old ones and are just as robust. 
The jewellery is also from Primark; I mostly prefer jewellery that is small especially for school.  

What winter outfits do you usually wear?

My outfit.

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