2016 to 2017!

This post is probably going to be like many others that bloggers right around this time.

 To sum most of this year up in a word I'm going to say shit, I don't mean to offend anyone, buts that's how it is. There is no need to get into too many details but my mental health has deteriorated and I've made mistake after mistake. 
HOWEVER, and I love saying that because it means I have hope. And I do. In the last month I have been trying to make improvements to myself and for once it has worked out. I have found some inspiration to do work and blog. I am putting all of this into starting 2017 because I have neglected this blog and it really hurt because it got to the point where I couldn't even enjoy my creative outlet. I am going to make a serious effort this year to make up for my neglect. 

*Blushes* I have also met someone and I am currently in an amazingly happy relationship. I wish you could see me grinning ear to ear as I write that, because when you have the mental issues that I have you don't believe that you can be happy, but that has changed! 
So bring on 2017!!!
I hope you have the nest new years!!

Doing my everyday makeup.

I really fancied doing a beauty post, but I didn't just want to show you my makeup because there isn't anything particularly interesting or different about makeup. So this is going to be a how I do my everyday makeup, winter edition. So I try to cleanse, tone and moisturiser everyday, i may be a bit rubbish at skin care but I do moisturise everyday to avoid very dry skin which I easily get and especially in winter. It also helps my makeup go better. So here goes...

 At the start I begin with foundation like most people do and currently I'm using Rimmel Match Perfection which is supposed to give the skin 24hr moisture hydration and to blur the pores. I'm not sure if it does give 24hr hydration because I don't wear my makeup that long but it does blur my pores to give my skin a more flawless finish. It also has SPF 20 in so even in the winter sun that doesn't seem much but can still damage your skin over time. The only thing I don't love about the product is the the colour has a pink undertone so it doesn't match my olive undertone(even though I'm very pale at the moment), but I have to really blend it into my neck otherwise I get the horrible line. So I buff the product which is a medium coverage all around my face and down onto my neck. I spend a few minutes working it into my skin focusing and areas like my nose where my skin is less even.
Then I use a fluffy brush to do an all over with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder to keep the shine away.

The bane of my existence is my under eye bags that are truly terrible. I use a few different products on them to tackle the problem even though one bit of bad lighting and i'm back to the beginning. I use the Rimmel Wake Me Up anti fatigue corrector concealer generously under them and pat the product in with my ring finger which is apparently the most delicate. I then go on to use the Maybelline highlight corrector to really get rid of the darkness and then blend gain with my foundation stippling brush.

Eyebrows are pretty easy for me because I don't mind the thickness so I leave them alone in that way, but then groom through them to get the hairs going in the right direction and then fill them in with brown eye shadow because they can be sparse in places. (Go lighter then you think because you don't want slugs)
Today I wore a silver eye look because I didn't know what I was going to wear for the rest of the day when I went out. (I'm going to see Fantastic Beasts and where to find them tonight!) I still don't think I've mastered eye shadow blending so I didn't want to a close up for you all you all to critique. I then applied eyeliner, thinker then usual with a very small flick because my hooded eyes can make cat eyes difficult. I finished my eyes off with curling my lashes and put a few coats of mascara on.

To complete the whole look I did a tiny bit of armature couture in the form of brushing Bourjois chocolate Bronzer in the hollows of m cheeks wile I do a very unattractive sucky fish face. And last but not least I dab on some Benefit highlighter on to catch the light. And done.

What is your favourite makeup product?

"If you like piña Caladas"

I appologise for the bad tittle but I couldn't help myself and I get that song in my head every time I use these Body Shop products. They were a gift from my best friend as a little joke because we sing that song a lot and because she knows I love all things body shop. 
I have annoyingly sensitive skin so I have to be careful about what products I let come into contact with my skin. I never need to worry about the body shop even though it isn't as natural as lush some would say. But I truly forget this when I smell of cocoanut and pineapple and it's very enjoyable having family and friends asking if anyone else can smell cocoanut and I can say smugly yes that's me.  

I am not new to the body shops famous body butter so I'll keep it simple; ifs you want to be mouterized and smell delightful then this is for you. I really love the sorbet even though it's not something I would pick but I've really used it a lot due to its beautiful consistency. It's like a mouterizer that will soak into your skin and is a real treat for your skin. I actually used it when shaving just because it was near to me and I'm very glad that it worked very well, but that is definitely not what it is meant for so maybe don't try it. 

Finally this body scrub is beautiful. It's so smooth and soft which is not what you look for in a scrub but seriously people. It's perfect. I'm fed up of having my skin scrubbed red raw when I just want to exfoliate one layer and not all of my skin. It's like a cream with small pieces that gently get rid of your dead skin and of course you smell amazing after. I would recommend using this product before shaving because our skin goes through some hard work so when using razors you should use something that's kind to your skin and won't irritate unnecessarily.

What skin products do you like?   

This years suede skirt.

Autumn autum autum! I'm obsessed! I've spent today running around in leaves and being very childish. I'm dressing as autumnal as possible. Using colours of the leaves to plan my outfits and it also helps that my hair is dark auburn so that's pretty autumnal. 
However I am someone who gets cold easily so I layered up. With an oldy but a classic; this Primark camel coat that comes out at this time of year because it is so oversized that I can really snuggle up in it and especially with a scarf. I can cocoon myself.

Not only am I feeling good about being able to go outside in basically a blanket I'm also digging the good old suede skirt out. This is my new one for the year because the one I wore last year no longer fits, but I had to have this essential piece for my wardrobe because its so autumnal, (I'll stop saying autumnal now, I promise.) classic and just is in without being a hyped up trend that will end in two months. I've proven this by wearing it two years in a row, Maybe three actually, I cant quite remember. 
Yeah I love everything in this outfit from my Heart necklace from my best friend to my handy green bag that is big enough to fit my stuff in it, but not so big that its just annoying to carry around. However my favourite part is the plain and boring black t-shirt from Primark. It was £3 and its the perfect plainess to go with my pretty skirts. It doesn't over power the other patterns because I don't love standing out with crazy patterns.

Whats your favourite season to dress in?

Top, coat, sun glasses, and bag are from Primark.
Skirt from Tesco. (Who would have thought Tesco? It surprised me)
Boots from Amazon.
Scarf from Foxford Woolen Mills.

A little sorry. ( сожалею )

Здравствуйте or Hello. This is just a little post to say sorry for not putting a post up on Saturday.  The reason for this failure is because I was in Russia. I went for six days and theat days were full of excitement and adventure so I really did not have time to even upload a pretty written post because when I got back to the hotel I would talk for hours with my friends then fall asleep. It's not a particularly good excuse but I really wanted to delve into the different culture so I mostly stayed away from social media.

I have never experienced a place like St Petersburg but I probably never will again. I still can't quite believe that I did all so many things! Its been one of my favourite discoverys. Adventure is definitely the key word in this post apart from sorry! 

What has been been your favourite adventure? 

Light and Bright in autumn.

So the days are getting shorter, its dark when I wake up and its dark when I come home at night on some days. Therefore it feel like to snuggle up in pjs and in the day time i'm wearing layers to keep warm but I've found they tend to be dark layers. But why? I can understand wearing autumnal colours like greens and reds to match the leaves but wearing black is miserable. I brought this light blue jumper from New Look during the summer because i loved the pretty colour but it was just too warm to wear so it got put in my draws (with the label. I know its bad.)

It wasn't until a friend said "Bridge, you're wearing a lot of black at the moment" They were right, so I'm trying to mix it up. Im so restless when it comes to clothes. Depending who i'm going to be see a lot of or where I will be which is understandable but I can get so incredibly fed up. Anyway I hope this light blue jumper gets me loving the bright and light colour because fashion isn't supposed to be safe because as it has been said; "Florals for spring. Ground breaking" (anyone get that reference?). 
Lets just do what we want and not just be the same every year, but I'm not saying that I'm cutting out black because I doubt that is going to happen.

Adore me. Feeling sexy all year round.

So here we go. I'm going to use the word 'sexy' on my blog for the first time, because I was asked to join in the flatlay project by Adore Me, If you are unaware of Adore Me is then listen up; It is an online flexible monthly membership where you can have beautiful lingerie, exercise clothes and lounge wear delivered straight to your door.  I have to say I'm not used to talking about my underwear in such a open environment, but Ill be honest, underwear shopping is my favourite kind of shopping, so I'll put my big girl pants on (excuse the pun) and get on with it.

 I was asked to talk about my favourite piece and here it is. Adore me really cares about you feeling sexy no matter what size or shape you are which is a fantstic message to send because being in underwear can make you feel extremely vulnerable. I think we can all relate to a time where we thought "oh, I really wish my_______was bigger/smaller", but the truth is there is no perfect body so we shouldn't be trying the strive for something else when we can all look sexy just the way we are.

I have only recently gained body confidence and it was mostly achieved my changing my mind set however a little trick I use is that I wear matching underwear everyday. My friends laugh at me for doing this, but when I've got my lovely matching underwear on I can take on the world, because I look great for me. I'm not relying on compliments of others, so I can always feel sexy even on cold autumn days when its dark and miserable. I wrap up warm in dark colours (mainly jeans) but underneath I have underwear that is gorgeous, comfy and a bit flirty . 

How do you get body confident?
Adore Me

A different asethetic.

Oh my goodness, I am the worst. I'll start with the excuses blah blah blah. Life has been so busy in the last few months and I've had no routine which is a big factor in how motivated I am plus my motivation was completely destroyed due to some personal issues as well. To sum it up i had no routine and I have recently started year 13 at school so I've got a routine back but it's been busy. But I've recently realised that life is always busy so I just have to get back on the horse so to speak.

So okay, with that over I can get into this post properly. Since getting my new Doc Martens I have changed my style slightly. Instead of going for classic shapes and colour I have been branching out into a slightly 90s look. Not really sure it is but that's people have been calling it. It may be because I need to wear comfy but stylish clothes for school or maybe because we are getting into autumn so I can wear darker colours. Autumn is my absolutely favourite season because I can cover up and not be over warm. 
But I try hard not to follow the mainstream trends religiously because I don't want to look like every other person because I use to clothes to show who I am, so there is no point trying to look like some other girl who doesn't know how I feel because then how are people going to know the real me. I apologise for the wishy washy whatever ness of that but to be honest it's how I feel. 

This outfit is something I've been wearing recently; the black polo neck is lovely and simple and doesn't take away from the beautiful embroidered flower pattern on the primary skirt. One of my dear friends also has this skirt so we did the mandatory cute matching photo. I know couple goals or what?  Anyway I bought these knee high black socks from Amazon to make the outfit slightly quirky. I've only done this because I've recently come across some self confidence therefore I've been able to be more myself and not care what certain people are thinking. I've had truely awful self esteem for all my teenage years but I've been working on it so hopefully it means I can really express myself without anxiety kicking in. 

What are you looking forward to wearing during autumn? 

Summer everyday makeup

So apparently its summer here in the northern hemisphere however I don't think anyone bothered to tell the weather this. But life goes on in sunshine or in rain so I thought I would show you my go to summer makeup. This year I haven't been very creative with my summer makeup since I've had limited time and I couldn't be arsed to be honest to play around with different looks so I've just gone for the bronzed look.

Please don't think orange though, I like to have some colour just to warm up my complexion since when I'm pale in the winter I get lovely comments about how I look ill and tired. I have great friends.... 

This look is pretty standard with a bit of eyeliner and mascara and I tend to also put a bit of eye shadow from he Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette which I will be reviewing quite soon. The foundation Im wearing at the moment is the Rimmel Wake me Up foundation in a slightly darker shade for my summer skin. I have only recently made the change from my Rimmel Perfect Match foundation as I've only just caught the sun from going on a couple of walking weekends.

The thing I would recommend out of everything is probably the Bourjois bronzer because it's so beautifully subtle that you can completely avoid the fake orange look. But I still love the Benefit They're Real mascara and push-up liner.

Who needs to do exercise to get trainers?

My name is Brigid and I am a shoeaholic. But I think that I actually needed these. I needed practical shoes that were also pretty. This is exactly what these Joules trainers are and they were half price in their current fantastic sale! And a little note; I do do exercise but not in these because they're far two pretty to get filthy.

I've worn them for a couple of days now and don't want to sound cliche but it does feel like I'm walking on clouds however I'm slightly nervous of getting them dirty which defeats the point of wearing shoes, but I want to keep them nice for as long as possible.

They also do these in grey if blue doesn't float your boat however blue defiantly floats my boat so they go with nearly everything I wear on a casual day. 

To finish this post of I would like to apologise for not blogging for a month. It didn't mean to be a month but life happened and I may explain it in the future but for now I'll just say i haven't  been in the mood for blogging. Sorry. 

Pinky florals

For me i think this summers colour is pink. I cant get enough even though im not particularly pink person especially not one who wears pink patterns. That really goes against my usual plain blue and grey colour palette, but I've decided not to be so boring.
I borrowed this scarf from my lovely sister and im glad I did as it rained most of the day when we visited Gunby Hall which is a beautiful National Trust property in Lincolnshire. I hoped the floral scarf would make my simple quite predictable outfit.

This outfit is predictable because I always seem to wear this trench coat in blog posts however i am redeeming myself by wearing a colour that isn't blue. Yay, finally. I always associated pink with little girls as its the colour I wore most as a child even though my parents didn't want to enforce gender stereotypes I would always choose pink. So when i was going through my early teens pretending that I was all grown up I tended to avoid pink because "mum, I'm not 7 anymore"...blah blah blah...other stupid things i said as a twelve year old.
Another thing about this outfit is the denim skirt which look quite effortless and also hides how worn that white shirt is. When I love something I really do love it to death.Hopefully wearing more summery colours will give a new life to my wardrobe.

Do you plan on wearing anything new this summer?

It's my birthday!

Just a little post today as today is my 17th birthday. I have been a very lucky lady presents wise and I am so grateful yo my amazing family and friends who spoiled me. I'm excited to be able yo start learning to drive soon and that I can move on from being 16. The age of 16 brought personal difficulties and I don't that found it hard to be 16 but that the last year has been hard and and a little heartbreaking sometimes. 

But I faced it and am currently dealing with it so today I can celebrate getting through another year. Anyway I just wanted to say how grateful I am to the people who have helped me. And thank you to anyone who reads my blog. I love you all! 


Review: Benefits's They're real mascara.

I've been meaning to do this review for a while now, but I haven't quite round to it. But today I have the day off so I decided to faff around with flowers which is very production I know, but hopefully these pictures look pretty. I haven't done a close up on my eyes like reviews usually do because my eyeliner wasn't on fleek and I didn't want my poor skills to reflect badly on the amazing product. These things always seem to cheer me up; maybe because they are highest and are that bit more special or the fact that my eyes go from boring to Hello! 

I'll start with the mascara. This mascara is defently not a subtle products. It makes an impact by thickening and darkening lashes. (Trying not to quote the packaging) but I do love the statistics on the box as I much more likely to be convinced if they have statistics. Im a sucker for them. When used the mascara for the first time I expected the applicator to be big and thick like other volume mascaras but it was surprisingly average, but I think that just improves the application so you don't over load your lashes with clumps.
And it lasts all day but the only negative I have is when I tried to get it off I had to really rub my eyes which isn't ideal. It could have been my cleanser that wasn't up to it though.

The eyeliner. I was a little more interested in this product as I've never owned one that has that kind of applicator. I don't know how to describe it, so it's like a pen but at an angle is the best I can do. Again like the mascara it lasts all day and doesn't smudge when you rub your eyes!
I rubbed my eyes in a exam I had recently and spent the whole time trying avoid eye contact with the invigilator because I thought I'd smeared black all around my eyes, but in the end my eyes were still on point and i just probably looked very suspicious in the exam hall. Typical me.
However I would say that it takes some practice to get the hang of the different applicator, but once you get it right you will look amazing!

What products make your day?