Simple hair knot style.

 Hello, hope you're having a good day. I've recently started doing a really easy hairstyle where my hair is down but the front section are out of my face which I love for school. You only need a brush or comb and a few hair slides depending on how thick your hair is. I need one for each side because of my thin hair but sometime a few stray strands need to be pinned.

You start with your hair brushed or you could curl it if you wanted, whatever you like. Take a triangle section from the front then split it into two strands. Tie a normal knot with them and pull them as tight as you want.

Once you have tied a knot add more hair to the two strands and tie another knot then pull it tight as you want. Pin the strands to your head. You can hide the pins under the knots you have made but it takes a fiddle and a bit of practice.

It should hopefully looked a bit like these pictures but the good thing about this style is that you can change it to suit you.
Have fun with it.


April favorites.

Hello, I thought this week I would do an April favorites, because I usually just stick to talk about one thing, so I'm going to talk about a few things. Here are the things I've been loving this month even if they a bit random without explanation.

So these are my new walking boots that I have bought for my Duke of Edinburgh award which I shall be doing as you are reading this, so please think dry warm weather thoughts for me. I already have walking boots which are extremely comfy but they do not have ankle support with is really needed. I shall be walking 48k this weekend so they have to be broken in otherwise my feet will be covered in painful blisters.I bought them from Go outdoors which is fantastic for things outdoorsy. (Obviously) But they are really good for clothes, tents and all sorts. I really hope these boots live up to my expectations.

As the sun is coming out to say hello I am looking forward to getting more colour in my skin. I never have and probably never will be a fake tanner, mostly because I'm scared it will go wrong knowing me.But I discovered this from one of my older sisters (perks of being the youngest child). It is a great moisturizer and as you can see it gradually helps you tan. I have found you actually have to go out in the sun, because it won't suddenly appear overnight. I do think it helps as there hasn't been that much sun to give me the more tanned look I now sport. When I mean tan I don't mean orange ,but I'm just no longer paper white. 

I wore these in a previous post when I was playing with my new yellow coat. I love them so much because of the shape and colour. They are cat eyed and brown with speckles on. I found them in a shop called pound stretchers which isn't usually the kind of shop I go in, but I'm so pleased that I did. They were 99p! I don't know how long they will last but I will enjoy them while they do. 

Loving this foundation is nothing new for the internet. I haven't been able to where has it had been the wrong shade but now its perfect. I love the consistency, the feel of it and how it looks. I only have to use a small pump on the back of my hand to cover my face. It lasts as long as I won't it to and it has SPF in so I know my skin will be protected. I would recommend this foundation to anyone. 
What have you been loving this month?