What I've read so far

1. Read more book. That was my first New Year's Resolution and I think a lot of people can relate. We all love the idea of reading more, drinking more water (I'm an actual prune) and doing more exercise, but how many of us can actually stick with it? I tried to make the goal as realistic as possible, so my target was to read 2 books a month. That's it. I don't need to read more or read a certain type or length of book. Nothing wrong with baby steps.

I have always been a huge book worm and I spent my teenage years with my head in a book constantly. I don't even think that I am exaggerating that, because I never went anywhere without a book. My family can vouch for this. During my A-levels and starting Uni reading books unfortunately went on the back burner like my other hobbies hence my Fresh start blog post. But I started to get my read on. 

Its so nice to have something that stops me scrolling through my phone endlessly because it is so unnecessary to check Instagram a million times and there isn't anything quite like losing 
yourself in a story or learning something or feeling empowered to make a change.
 These are the books that have made me feel all these things. 

It by Alexa Chung. I'm kicking it off with an easy read. I flew through this book, cover to cover. Its basically a collection of her thoughts and images about her life. Alexa has really added her personality into the book and it sort of feels like she is talking to you which I love. Its like a good old chat with your girlfriends. The whole book gives you a taste of her laid back sense of humour and classic style. I feel like even if you're not a huge fan of her like I am, you can enjoy her aesthetic and fun outlook. Also, its very photogenic. 

Women and Power by Mary Beard. Now this book was perfect for International Women's day. I read it back in January, but I gave it a quick flick through again last week, because wow. Mary Beard's intellectual nature mixed in with the history and information and everything else was fantastic. I found it so interesting and it really opened my eyes. I don't want to try and explain it, because I wont do it justice, but please give it a read! Get your girl power on!

How to be Parisian by Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret and Anne Berest. 
I wish this book was my life basically. The authors give a fun and amusing version of the traditional Parisian stereotype. It made me laugh out loud at the fun contradictions and I was definitely inspired by the fashion because that is the look I try to achieve. (Try being the key word) I think this a great edition to anyone's coffee table. I'm totally ready to wear a red lip every day now. 

The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees
I spoke a little about this book in both my Capsule wardrobe posts because it is the holy grail and Bible of creating a capsule wardrobe. The thought that has gone into this book is amazing and I actually felt like I learnt something. If you have ever thought about investigating the world of capsule Wardrobe this is where to start. I thought the book might be a little boring because I thought surely there can't be that much information about a wardrobe clear out, but it is so many details that are important but may skip over, like how to find your style and how your wardrobe fits into your life.  It will be your new obsession though. 

The Sun and all her flowers by Rupi Kaur. I had never read a book like Milk and Honey which is Rupi kaur's first poetry collection. Her words and images are truly beautiful and empowering. She speaks about sexual assault and a variety of important subjects. Again, this is a book that makes you think and could bring a tear to your eye. 

Some other reads that deserve a mention.
The Balance plan 
Undergroud Railroad
In order to live
How it works; Sisters
Bad Girls thoughout history. 

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