Buns for days.

Last Sempember I cut my hair short, like really short. I won't go into my whole hair history today because I'll save that for another post, but last summer holidays I cut my hair (Yes, I did it myself), so it was around my collar bones or just under. however a few weeks to a month later I decided that I wanted really short hair. I made this decision in a really counterintuitive way, because for some reason I'd like to university with long hair like I used to have, last year or a few years ago. (I really do like to change the length) In my silly head this meant that I should cut it as short as I could personally go, because I knew something like a pixie cut would look dreadful on me, so I cut about 4 inches of my hair to make it just about shoulder length so I could feel what its like to have short hair before I started to grow it out again. 
Yes, that was a long winded explanation, but heres how we ended up at this post. My hair is about an inch and a half below my collar bones now whuch also means I can start to do interesteing things again. Before I could only manage a pony tail or bun as long as I pinned the straggly bits. 

Now I can make a short plait or other various normal styles,but I style I'd never really thought of is have two buns. I started to do this style when my hair was damp, so that my hair would be wavy the next day and I'd never considered wearing it out because it either makes me think of Princess Leia or a child. However, when I style it slightly different, I really it!

I split my hair into two sections and make a pny tail with one to keep it out the way. i then back combed a tiny but to make more volomeous, but you skip this if you don't have fine hair like me. I collect the hair at the top back part of my head so the bum won't be bang on the side. I twirl the hair around my fingers and circle it round itself until I can put a bobble around it and maybe a pin or two. (The aount of pins will depend on how much hair you have). Making a simple bun will take pratice to get it just how you want and I had a head start by doing ballet 12 years where were required to always have a bun. After doing the first bun go aead and repeat and the side you put in a pony tail. At the end of this I usually pull a few peices of hair out which a call whispy bits to sofen the face, because i want it to be a relaxed and cute style. 
And there we go, you've got a really quick and eat hair style that will last all day, but its a little different from the usual pony tail. 

What hair styles do you to usually?