January, January, January. What shall I wear? The sparkle of Christmas is over, its colder than ever and I'm just uninspired. So I can back to the classics. I think black and white stripes are chic and classic because they always make me think of that perfect Parisian chic look that really should be worn more often. To get the Parisian look you have to relish in the basics like a white shirt, some black jeans and a Berburry like Trench coat. These things are the ultimate clothing goals to me.
Another thing I think you should add to that list is the black and white striped top because how can it look bad? How?
In this outfit I have paired this top with a denim skirt that I truly love. It is comfy and simple so I can throw it on anytime. Perfect.
How are you finding fashion in January?

Crabtree and Evelyn hoarder.

Moment of silence for the beauty.....Okay done. Something I find it a little addicting is apply hand cream through out the day so they are soft and smell lovely. My favourite brand is and has been for a long time is Crabtree and Evelyn.
They have a huge variety of beautiful scents that do not offend the senses. That obviously depends on your own personal preference, but I know there is a Crabtree and Evelyn smell for everyone especially because they don't only do hand creams but hand washes, shaving cream and many other things. Something I plan on trying on the future is their Eau De Toilette. 
My favourite smell at the moment is rose water because I think it is a very fresh smell for January, I don't know why I associate certain smells with certain times of the year but I'm enjoying this scent because its so different from the recent wintery smells if you know what I mean. Another great thing about these sets is that if you don't want them all then you can share them with your friends. Sharing is caring right?

What smells are you loving at the moment?

Baby Benefit.

So this isn't supposed to be a Christmas thing since that has been and gone, but I really wanted to talk about these adorable as I call them 'baby' Benefit products. I'm a little biased because Benefit is my favourite makeup brand. I think it is so fun and creative as well as providing amazing results. 
I've never used any of these products before, but now I know whether I wont to purchase the full size versions.

"That Gal" and "Bad Gal" are my favourite by far. Not that I don't like the others because that is far from the truth, but I just don't wear blusher because I have very pink cheeks anyway so emphasising that is not a good look for me.
Back to the favs; I have really dull skin at the moment so That Gal is like a highlighting primer to give your skin a glow without it being shining in all the wrong places. I've been through a few mascaras over the years, but Bad Gal is amazing! It completely fans out your lashes and I've never had a mascara applicator that curls my thin straight lashes.
I hope you are having a fantastic New Year.