A Girly Pink Lace Dress

To carry on the my Zaful blog series, I am writing about something I'm looking for at the moment and that is a lacy pink dress. If you haven't heard of Zaful then go and read my last post here. Hopefully that will set the scene for why I am writing about this one-stop shop for fashion's most exciting and edgy apparel. Last week I spoke a really casual piece of clothing which is the denim jacket, because I think everyone owns some Denim. 

But its time to show the variety on Zaful, so I have a couple of more formal events coming up in the next years so I really need to get my act together and do some proper shopping. And like I said, Zaful is my one stop shop for this season and next season, and this season i have seen the rise in pink! We have moved on from the pink our mothers' put us in as children and the ealry 2000 hot barbie pink which I think we should forget to be honest. We seem to have found a beautiful classic baby pink which I think could suit everyone. Lace will always be fashionable so the you should definitly check all these out!

Busy Life. Day to Night.

Wow! We all have busy lives, I don't know about you, but I never feel like life is slowing down and my 'list' of things to do is never getting smaller. And it has gotten to the point that my day is full, so I have to be able to go from day to night. I think we have all had a busy day and instead of going home and watching TV in pyjamas, we carry on our day into night! Whether it is a girls night or a lovely date, sometimes we need to transform our selves quickly and thoroughly!

If you would like to look effortlessly stylish and gorgeous then you could go for the classic Parisian style. Obviously, this isn't for everyone as we all have our own style and own way to express ourselves, however if in doubt, go classic! You can not go wrong! I think this picture sums up my thoughts very well even though I did not put it together. A good pair of jeans will make you look great (Especially your bum)  Good bum, good day some would say. I have talked about my trench coat previously on and I know that you can wear this morning, day or night and look great, but it so practical!

It gets to the end of the working day and you need to get ready for that evening do or maybe that all nighter, but you haven't got long, because there are a million other things that need doing. It might sound familiar. No need to worry! That outfit that you've been wearing for a while will serve you well! Time to get your heels on and take it to the next level. The picture below is an image i found on Pinterest and my word, those are some heels. Shoes like that are sexy, but not slutty, for want of a better word, so instantly you have gone from day to night, Maybe some red lipstick and some more perfume and voila, you look fabulous and classic. And my favourite part of the outfit is that I can be comfortable!

My favourite part of an outfit is accessories, because it really brings everything together, so I think its acceptable to spend a little bit more money on something special and something that you will wear everyday. I recently discovered a beautiful website called Au Rate, that sells quality jewellery like earrings which is solid gold. But something that is important to me, is that it is ethically sourced unlike so many companies. The necklace below is something that caught my eye as it would be perfect in my day to night outfit. 

How do you go from day to night? 

The perfect Denim Jacket, Dress and Jeans!

Please let me introduce to one of my favourite websites; Zaful.  Lets get straight into something we can all relate too! And that is denim. Denim jackets, Denim dresses and Jeans!

I loved the idea of writing about something that both men and women own and love, because I think that Zaful is a website for everyone, whether you like the basics or the bizarre. Zaful is your one-stop shop for fashion's most exciting and edgy apparel. The afforadable collections of clothing can meet and exceed your visions for this season and next season's trends while always maintaining an exceptional quality of design and the actual making of the pieces is fatastic, so you can always rely on your Zaful products. The whole website for Zaful is inspired by fashion forward and modern women, because it is not just about clothing, but also about collecting points so you can feel like a valid member of the community and it is about bringing your friends into the scene, so the fun never ends with Zaful fashion. 
 Denim has been and I think, always will be extremely popular. Trends from different come in and out but denim reamains a constant with slight changes. Changes like ripped jeans or flares everywhere in sight. You can have top denim or bottom denim or just head to toe if youre brave like Justin and Brittany. 

To find some great fashion pieces that are denim then I would go to ZafulDenim jackets are timeless, but are also getting really unique, beacause you can personalise them any way you want and it can be one of the most comfortable and versatile items that one can wear.
Below are some of my favourites from Zaful which have their own signature look and all that can be worn with many different outfits.
The first jacket below is my all time favourite style, because it is light and the best thing to wear in summer, because you will not over heat, but when you're going into the evevings, having denim over your arms can make you feel a lot better. The worn look is also a great nod to the 1980s, so you don't have to look to put together on those long summer days. 

The middle jacket is also another great example of a jacket everyone should own, but for the Winter and Autumn (Fall in you're American) months. The lambs wool that lines the jacket is perfect keeping you toasty while the denim will look really cool with the dark Winter Colours. 

The last Denim jacket from Zaful is the bizarre I metioned earlier in the post, because WOW! It's pretty out there and I understand that it isn't for everyone, but sometimes you need to get a statement piece to finish your wardrobe. 

In my head I put together an outfit which will go so many denim outfits, but it does follow my love for the Parisian style so it is classic ad simple. On Zaful, you will find everything you want, so to go with a great denim jacket, I would add a vintage white shirt. You can not go wrong that! Trust me. 
With this look, I would add some really classic flats which are really popular at the moment, especially with the designers like Dior.
 This is just one way I would style a denim jacket, but you could also wear a high neck black top, skirt and Doc Martins for a 90s look, but the possibilities are endless. 
I hope you have enjoyed my first Zaful blog post in my series, so you can share the love. 
You really should check them out and all the quirks on their website!

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