Simple Spring Look.

Quick summery before we start; I very busy at the meomet with school, so I'm afraid that you shouldnt expect a post every week and i know its been like this for a while, but I'm finally excepting that I can't do everything, but in a few months I will be back to my weekly schedlue. 

Anyway. Spring is in full force which means warm days, cold days and very very rainy days, so you have to be prepared for anything. I put together my go early spring outfit, which I think encorporates everything you need to get through an English spring day. First of all, if I want to look cassic, but simple then I will always go for my black jeans. These are some mid-rise jeans from New Look, so hopefully they will last a long time and they fit really nicely aroud my larger legs which many women can relate too. 
As it is spring time, I think you should try to lighten up your wardrobe and this season I have been liking pink which is unusual since I'm not a typical 'girly girl', but the classic stripes and little bits of black tie in with my black jeans and shoes. I really wanted to show the fun colours in the thin spring jumper which is good in the sinshine, but not cold in the annoying wind. 

And of course a classic spring look could be without a lovely trench coat. You can wrap up warm with a scraf or let it flow around you in the sunshine. One of my favourite things is to tie the bet around my waist so I can get that hour glass figure most of us would like. And paid with some shiny loafers that I have had for years, I think this outfit comes toegther nicely and I wanted to share it with you. I have left links to the items at the bottom.

What do you like to wear in Spring weather?

Jumper is from Primark.

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