Things that are making me happy right now.

We are almost half way through the season of lent, which for me as a Catholic is a period of time to prepare for Easter. I have given up chocolate this year and wow I miss it. But I am sure I will survive. Lent is also a season for positivity and reflection, so I have been trying focus in on the good things in life and also setting my ducks in a row. That's the right phrase, isn't it? So, here are a few things that are making me happy at the moment.

Ignoring my view out the window, it's spring! And that means beautiful flowers and fresh Spring fashion. I am so excited to share my capsule wardrobe with you in next week's post. I'll explain how I have put it together and certain rules I am trying to keep. Nothing too strict though. I have been making a list of clothes to add to my wardrobe so it is spring appropriate, because before all this beast from the eat nonsense came I could leave the house without a jumper on. But my wardrobe dynamic has briefly gone back to jeans and jumpers. And 5 layers underneath....but bring on Spring! I'm ready.

As of yesterday it is 3 weeks until I get to see my boyfriend again and that makes me the happiest person in the world. I talked about my long distance relationship in my Valentine's day post and how well we have dealt with being so far apart, but nothing can beat that first embrace. Internally it feels like the GIF of screaming Jonah Hill and externally it probably looks like that too. I'm not that cool and collected. But you do happiness however you like.

Something else that has been keeping me cheerful is that I have so far kept my new years resolutions. The main one was to read 2 books per month and I have actually gone over that. Once I got back into the swing of settling down with a book, finishing book after book became very natural. A great tip for keeping a reading resolution is make sure you always have a book in your bag because when you're out and about you have the option to get a chapter read instead of scrolling through Instagram for the millionth time. I am very guilty of that. I will be doing a book post in a couple of weeks about the books I have read so far and the books I am planning on reading. There is mixture of genres for everyone so I'm pretty pleased.

The final thing that is making happy is that I am slowly, very slowly getting organised. One by one I am ticking jobs off the never ending to-do list. It's all about the list making for me because there isn't a happy feeling quite like ticking those annoying and boring jobs off so you can relax and have fun. To be honest I still need a little motivation in some departments but we will get there!

I would love to hear about what is making you happy right now and keep an eye out for a cheeky midweek post coming on Thursday for International Women's day.


  1. It's so lovely to hear about the things that are making you so happy right now! Congrats on keeping your new years resolution going & topping it - that must feel so great. One of my March goals is to get away from my phone & get reading more, so hopefully I will have kept that up by the end of the month. Baby steps!

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo