Merci Moman. Forever pretty.

Something my sister and I say is; that if its good enough for Duchess of Cambridge then it is good enough for us. This seems very random, but it is in relation to one of our favourite brands, Merci Maman. Our taste can vary sometimes, but we completely agree about the huge brand that came from a lovely lady's kitchen table which is amazing when you think about it!

I was so lucky on my 18th birthday to receive a personalised necklace from my wonderful sister from the brand that we both love. I love that it is a great English brand but it has a huge nod to the classic french style which I am all about, like I said on my Instagram. On one side of my necklace is my name which was a big deal for me because with having an extremely unusual name, so I have never found something with it on. My sister has always appreciated my want of things with my name on so I was more 'normal' and I know that is silly, but its fun. On the back of the shiny heart is one of my nicknames; Bridgie which I have been called all my lift as its a little less formal than Brigid. 

However, one of my favourite things I the tiny little circle with a 'C' inside to always remind me of my sister as her name begins with C. Something silly I have loved for years is that since she got married her initials are CC and mine or BB. Mmmmmm, its so pretty! 
Do you have special jewellery?

Yellow Crochet Bikini? #zafulblogseries

It's basically summer now so that means for the lucky ones of us summer holidays! If you're feeling comfortable enough then that means bikinis. Maybe a really fashionable colour block costume or maybe even a crazy yellow crochet bikini?! 
I wanted to share some really fun swimming costumes and bikinis that you might be interested in. I was inspired by the Zaful website and I have made a little wishlist which contains a range of different beachwear like the classic and simple black swimming costume that every woman should feel fabulous in because I know you will look stunning. 

Or if you want something cute and playful then I think this bright pretty blue bikini is perfect. And as for this amazing yellow crochet bikini it really is something else. I kind of love it though because you have to have guts to wear this even in your own garden, but who cares? Where what you like, as long you're happy and comfortable, so I think Zaful is a great place to shop for good quality and comfy clothes. I've worn clothes from Zaful again and again, so I do know it to be true. 

There is some news I would love to share with you all which is why I have published an usual midweek post.
One of the biggest online fashion store “Zaful” is now celebrating their 3rd anniversary. 
I've checked out the details about this anniversary blog giveaway. To be honest it's pretty awesome. The link to their blog is here:

Who doesn’t love giveaways? Go to their blog and take a look. I would be very happy if you tag my name @_overthebridge_ on twitter or  @brigid_bartlett on Instagram after participating in the giveaway event. Zaful will choose a couple of winners after the event and give out huge rewards! The more tags you do, the more rewards you will receive which I think is fantastic. 

#Zafulblogseries Ultimate Summer Dress.

On to my next Zaful post! I can finally show you one of Zaful's outfits in all the summer glory that we have experienced in England recently. I haven't done a proper full fashion post in ages, so I really enjoyed doing this, especially because I can gush about this gorgeous dress!

This is one of the lovely yellow mini dresses that you can find on the Zaful website. A new colour that I've been giving a lot of thought to is yellow. I never liked yellow, I had a horrible yellow bedroom as I didn't appreciate my parents not enforcing gender stereotypes on me at the age of 5. But,  from fizzy sherbet to mustard to pastel lemon, yellow has been all over the run way and has come down to the high street and online shops showing that yellow can be worn! Who would have thought it? Maybe yellow might be a bit too much for you, so the floral pattern makes this so so summery and pretty and I had to wear it walking around these gorgeous gardens near by. I felt like I fitted in with the flowers.
And lets not forget these beautiful Zaful sunglasses. I have a guilty secret and that is that I always break sunglasses, but not these. My favourite thing is that my niece can not stop looking at them because she can see herself in them which is so funny to watch. 

It really backs up what I have said about Zaful clothing because it really is affordable fashion that redefines trends and the exceptional quality is for everyone!  

*This post is in collaboration with Zaful, but the thoughts expressed are my own.