Lashes to empower?

When it comes to your beauty stash you're allowed to splash out in certain places. I don't think you need to go high end for everything and I think that depends on what you want to focus on. For me, my eyelashes and eyebrows have always been a faff. I have thick but sparse eyebrows so I rely on the god send that is the Benefit Brow range. They understand the natural look so I don't have resort to over drawn in brows. My second self pet peeve are my lashes. They are short and the most straight things in the world. I am pretty sure that they are curl resistant, so I need a little helping hand because I'm not naturally blessed with fluttery lashes.

The brand Charlotte Tilbury feel s like a beautifully classic brand that's been around forever, but it actually only started in 2013 which is an amazing achievement. I've found myself buying the odd Charlotte Tilbury product over the years because I've definitely bought into the hype. We've all done that though haven't we? And also I don't have the money to buy everything. I would if I could. This mascara is probably my most worn item because to be honest it does what it does on the packaging. ( Which is soooo pretty) It gives you Legendary Lashes.
We all deserves to feel lengendary and empowered everyday because it lets us be our best selves. We shouldn't feel like we have to be anyone else, because we are all amazing in our own right. I know a mascara doesn't really empower you but its a small step to towards that goal.
 Your lashes will be longer and thicker which is right up my street especially when it only takes one coat. Speed when getting ready is the dream which I spoke about in this post. I don't want to change my lashes even though they are my small day to day pet peeve, but I'm going to enhance them so I can be my best self.  And I love having this bit of luxury in my makeup bag everyday and I see it as an investment. 
What do you have that makes you get a step closer to feeling empowered everyday? 

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