This years suede skirt.

Autumn autum autum! I'm obsessed! I've spent today running around in leaves and being very childish. I'm dressing as autumnal as possible. Using colours of the leaves to plan my outfits and it also helps that my hair is dark auburn so that's pretty autumnal. 
However I am someone who gets cold easily so I layered up. With an oldy but a classic; this Primark camel coat that comes out at this time of year because it is so oversized that I can really snuggle up in it and especially with a scarf. I can cocoon myself.

Not only am I feeling good about being able to go outside in basically a blanket I'm also digging the good old suede skirt out. This is my new one for the year because the one I wore last year no longer fits, but I had to have this essential piece for my wardrobe because its so autumnal, (I'll stop saying autumnal now, I promise.) classic and just is in without being a hyped up trend that will end in two months. I've proven this by wearing it two years in a row, Maybe three actually, I cant quite remember. 
Yeah I love everything in this outfit from my Heart necklace from my best friend to my handy green bag that is big enough to fit my stuff in it, but not so big that its just annoying to carry around. However my favourite part is the plain and boring black t-shirt from Primark. It was £3 and its the perfect plainess to go with my pretty skirts. It doesn't over power the other patterns because I don't love standing out with crazy patterns.

Whats your favourite season to dress in?

Top, coat, sun glasses, and bag are from Primark.
Skirt from Tesco. (Who would have thought Tesco? It surprised me)
Boots from Amazon.
Scarf from Foxford Woolen Mills.

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