Spring favouites.

I know a lot of people do monthly favourites, I for one love to see what my favourite Youtubers are loving for inspiration and recommendations, but for me I'm too committed to change it up every month. I've decided to bring together all the things I have been loving this season. My everydays and the things I've almost used up. This will be an on going thing through at the year so I hope you enjoy my seasonal round ups.

I think I'm going to start with a thing that represents a lot of other things. I have been loving reading 'The F Word' by Lily Pebbles. I don't always buy Youtubers books, because I'm not always interested about the subject even if I love them as a person. And if I bought every book that a youtuber brought out then I'd be a little poor. However, 'The F Word' really intrigued me. Female friendships are amazing. I know I rely on them everyday from my best uni friend to my sister. They are are not given enough credit, so a whole book to celebrates this is fantastic from my view. And you can't go wrong with some fun anecdotes on how she met her friends. They're pretty funny and I'll go into it more in my next book review post to round up my reads.  But this book also represents how much I have loved reading this year. I have really kept with it and I am determind to finish a New years resolution. Plus, keeping you updated here makes me wants to do it even more, because I don't want to have write in a post;"I failed". We can do this!

Okay, don't judge me but I got my eyebrows plucked for the first time a few weeks ago. The idea of someone plucking my eyebrows into oblivion has always put me off because I love my thick eyebrows and I'd look silly with the classic 90s look that other people can pull off. My uni best friend was the person I put my faith into. (See, female friendships are amazing) and poor her. She had a job making my brows look presentable, but she achieved the impossible. I am now far from Yetty land. But the thing that makes them presentable for the outside world is the Benefit foolproof brows. My brows are thick, but sparse so I use the lighter shade to fill them in. I love them! I think this is perfect for a brow novice as the powder is so natural and as long as you don't go in too heavy handed and its super easy. None of this precision faff stuff. I've never been this happy with my brows and I now 
depend on this product which speaks volumes. 

Winter is the time for many things. Jumpers and hot chocolate, but for me its the coming of the dry skin plague. I moisturise intensely  until the cows comes, but still those cold dry days will get me every time. I got this Lush moisturiser as a Christmas presents and I finished it last month which was so sad. This is a creamy moisturiser that is full of hydration and perfect for sensitive skin. I lathered this on everyday and it left me with soft moisturised skin. I've said the word moisturise too much, sorry. Anyway, I have been so impressed as a dedicated user of heavy duty coco butter. I definitely want to get more next winter.

On to style favourite. I've always been a little wary of trousers because I though for some reason that they wouldn't suit me, I don't know why. I bought these Asos Cigarette Trousers because they were navy and highwaisted so I eased myself in with my safety nets. I wear these every week! They were exactly what my Capsule Wardrobe was missing and the amount I wear them shows this. How did I live without these for so long?! They feature on my Instagram, so pop over there if you want to see how I style them, especially the Insta highlights that I have saved. I am going to do a whole post about them soon, because they deserve a whole post. Nothing sums up classy and chic like cigarette trousers and I am honestly obsessed with them to the point where they really need a wash, but I want to wear them again. I can't let go!

The last two items are a but random, but they deserve to be included. the first is this little cute postcard from Paperchase which represents how much I loved International Women's day. People really loved my Girl Power Post which made me so happy and humble. I have really learning how to feel confident about my self and have healthy view points. I have worked really hard and I'm excited to celebrate myself and all my amazing girlfriends who inspire me. Current affairs at the moment are miserable and very intimidating, so if we can learn to stand together and love each other then bit by bit we can make a positive contribution to the world. 

The second random thing is very random, so i'll keep it short. I am planning on doing a whole post on my house plants, (Yes, I am 70) about where I get them from and how I keep them alive. To be hoest I'm surprised I have kept them alive and that I've only had one casualty along the way. Minute of silence for the succulent I over watered.....My Swiss cheese plant has brought me so much happiness, because its beautiful and it represents a little achievement. (That its not dead). I know these are really popular at the moment, but I don't mind because they should be. I'm thinking about naming it so I'd love to hear any suggestions. 

And thus rounds up my Spring Favourites. I'll check in again in a few months with my next round of favourites, but for now here a few of my favourite blog posts from this year if you fancy a read. 

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