New love for Midis.

I am a big dress wearer and I always have been, but shockingly I have never owned a midi dress until now. I never thought about wearing something longer in the day time or on a night out and I tend to mostly wear dresses in the summer which is the norm, right?

I always thought of longer dresses as really dressy and not for casual day wear, but obviously I was wrong. This Boohoo dress is gorgeously flowy which really contrasts with my leather jacket and boots which are worn daily in the autumn.The flowers are so autumnal that I thought it would be a great addition to my autumn wardrobe even though I wouldn't normally pick something with a pattern, especially on a big piece like this, but the mustard was so autumnal and definitely a trend this season that I had to get it. I love trying to wear the season trend in an unconventional way. Don't get me wrong, my mustard jumper has been to pieces over the years. 

This dress can be dressed up and down depending on the shoe, jacket or accessories. I flipping love this clutch bag from Primark which I only picked up because I needed a clutch for nights out, but I actually love to wear it in the day time, because of the handy wrist strap. The leather and patent leather brings together the jacket and my favourite Raid boots which will probably get a post to themselves in the future. 

I hope you like the way I've styled this midi dress and I cannot wait to explore the midi trend more.


  1. That dress is so pretty! I love the pattern of it.

  2. Beautiful dress! I love autumn/winter florals!
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  3. Love midis, so confortable yet so stylish!

    Vanessa x |