Adore me. Feeling sexy all year round.

So here we go. I'm going to use the word 'sexy' on my blog for the first time, because I was asked to join in the flatlay project by Adore Me, If you are unaware of Adore Me is then listen up; It is an online flexible monthly membership where you can have beautiful lingerie, exercise clothes and lounge wear delivered straight to your door.  I have to say I'm not used to talking about my underwear in such a open environment, but Ill be honest, underwear shopping is my favourite kind of shopping, so I'll put my big girl pants on (excuse the pun) and get on with it.

 I was asked to talk about my favourite piece and here it is. Adore me really cares about you feeling sexy no matter what size or shape you are which is a fantstic message to send because being in underwear can make you feel extremely vulnerable. I think we can all relate to a time where we thought "oh, I really wish my_______was bigger/smaller", but the truth is there is no perfect body so we shouldn't be trying the strive for something else when we can all look sexy just the way we are.

I have only recently gained body confidence and it was mostly achieved my changing my mind set however a little trick I use is that I wear matching underwear everyday. My friends laugh at me for doing this, but when I've got my lovely matching underwear on I can take on the world, because I look great for me. I'm not relying on compliments of others, so I can always feel sexy even on cold autumn days when its dark and miserable. I wrap up warm in dark colours (mainly jeans) but underneath I have underwear that is gorgeous, comfy and a bit flirty . 

How do you get body confident?
Adore Me

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