Happy birthday to me!!

Hello, it's my birthday. Yay. I'm mentally a 6 year old when it comes to birthdays; I'm soooo excited. This is only going to be a short post. I wore a huge badge with 16 on so everyone knew it was my birthday, because I love attention on my birthday.

Well I'm turning a pretty average age, nothing really life changing but I love it anyway. My friends and family are fantastically perfect, they got my really thoughtful presents that are very suited to me. Chocolate. I'm so happy. I love chocolate so much! I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have friends like that. 


I've had a lovely day (minus the morning maths exam) I went to a local fun farm with my little niece which basically meant I could really immature. I've just been to my favorite restaurant  which is pizza express with some of my family. The day has been perfect and especially with the sunny weather. I'm currently tucking into home made birthday cak. Yum yum.
 What do you like doing on your birthday? Are you an attention seeker like I am on the day? :)
 Bye bye.