Selfish for Miss Selfridge.

 Even though it hasn't been autumn for a while I still love sticking an autumnal colour in my outfit. In the sale I was browsing in Miss Selfridge which is always full of beautiful items. I spotted this green skirt from across the shop. (Does that count as love at first sight?) 

I fell bad to say that I wear this all the time, as I say that sentenced way too much, but I really do! I wore this top in my very first blog post so it's nice to know that I'm still enjoying it and it wasn't a pointless purchase. I really enjoy wearing simple and casual outfit which is really what I wear everyday since I no longer wear a uniform, but what is even better is when the outfit I scomfatable. Even though it doesn't sound very fashionable, but why not feel great as well as looking great?! 
This dark green skirt is so comfy because it it stretchy and so well fitting. 

All the other parts of this outfit is very unusual. I promise that I will stop wearing this coat and scarf in future posts as I'm sure you're quite bored of it as I am! But as this outfit was for a walk I wanted to stick to a well known look for me. Im sorry that this was a boring post this week. 


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