What's in my bag?!

This is a post that ive never done before and I couldn't understand why. For one it's a classic post that I've seen bloggers and youtubers do and another reason I can't belive I haven't done it, is that I love seeing what people have in their bags! I'm so nosy when it comes to these things because people can keep the most random items in their handbags. 

I've layed out all the items I had in the bag I'm using currently with the exceptions of some random old pieces of chewing gum (obviously not chewed. Ew) that I thought would ruin the image slightly. I have the usual things like my purse which is from new Look. I love it because it fits everything in. (I mean receipts and not money because I'm pretty poor) Phone and ear phones are standard as well. 

I'm really not sure why I always have sunglasses with me when I live in England but I'm ever the optimists. Something you might not know about me is that I love reading and it's my favourite hobby. However I find it hard to find the time to really enjoy a good book so I always carry one with me on case the opportunity arises. At the moment I'm reading 'We need to talk about Kevin' which is written my the mother of a boy named Kevin who committed a school shoot up in America. To avoid making this into a book review, it is an interesting book to because of the way it's written and that you get to see a different side of a well known news story. 

Who else is a compulsive list maker? Because I definitly am. My anxiety means that I obviously worry a lot but knowing that I have written everything down really calms me so I keep my trusty Flamingo note book that is full of scribbles and lists.

Finally, a makeup bag in a women's handbag is not unusual but I try hard not to pack everything. Instead I keep the necessities like concealer and eye lash curlers which may not be a necessity to someone else but my eye lashes are short and straight which I don't like. At the bottom of my bag I found a couple of hair pins and hair bobbles left over from God knows when. Another thing I feel unable to leave the house without is my hand sanitizer which is a gorgeous smelling one from The Body Shop. (At the moment its satsuma) all with that smelly thing I have a miny of one of my favourite perfumes which is from Dior so we donto have any bad scents while out and about. 

Over all I'm pretty impressed with the lack or hoarding I have even if I did take a sweet wrapper out as well. I hope you've enjoyed having a nosy in my bagarden.  What do you always keep I  your bag no matter what?