Got the blues.

A colour that has never failed me yet is blue, I have blue eyes, it describes how I'm feeling a lot of the time and it just looks great. Blue blue blue. I just love it. Anyway you get it. 
I'd been looking for some cigarette cut trousers which I found on Miss Guided. I was surprised because I rarely shop at Miss Guided, but I will defently make an effort to look there more often. 
I have been wearing them a lot since I got them.

This is my favourite outfit I style with them because you can never have enough navy blue. Right? Well maybe you can so I like to break it up with a simple white shirt and my Kurt Geiger shoes.  This outfit is inspire red by my Pinterest scouting I've been doing lately. I really like the chic street style that I see on the great Pinterest, but I try to make it more me so I stuck a bit of green in there and my Amnesty International badge even if it isn't particulay fashionable. 

Even though the weather can't decide what season it is, I have. I will be spring like even if it snows one weekend and then is sunny the next. I brought the milkmaid braids back for spring because I went the whole of winter so it's about time. This was the first time I'd done them in months so the braids are looking a little ruff, but that can be solved with some practice. And with the weather if it's cold then my coat can keep me warm, but if it gets sunny and can just whip my coat of and be nice and cool. Best of both worlds. 

The shirt and bag is from Primark while the coat is from NewLook. I also have a necklace that was made for me which is the word 'Brigid' which I absolutely adore because I never have anything that is personalised with a name like Brigid. And having your name on your necklace is handy if anyone has to spell my name so it's good for everyone involved.

What colour do you like wearing? 

Fun auntie and neice time. 

Blue trousers. 

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