Pinky florals

For me i think this summers colour is pink. I cant get enough even though im not particularly pink person especially not one who wears pink patterns. That really goes against my usual plain blue and grey colour palette, but I've decided not to be so boring.
I borrowed this scarf from my lovely sister and im glad I did as it rained most of the day when we visited Gunby Hall which is a beautiful National Trust property in Lincolnshire. I hoped the floral scarf would make my simple quite predictable outfit.

This outfit is predictable because I always seem to wear this trench coat in blog posts however i am redeeming myself by wearing a colour that isn't blue. Yay, finally. I always associated pink with little girls as its the colour I wore most as a child even though my parents didn't want to enforce gender stereotypes I would always choose pink. So when i was going through my early teens pretending that I was all grown up I tended to avoid pink because "mum, I'm not 7 anymore"...blah blah blah...other stupid things i said as a twelve year old.
Another thing about this outfit is the denim skirt which look quite effortless and also hides how worn that white shirt is. When I love something I really do love it to death.Hopefully wearing more summery colours will give a new life to my wardrobe.

Do you plan on wearing anything new this summer?


  1. You're so pretty ^_^ I love you're scarf.

    I also love visiting national trust properties, i live in Bath so the area is full of them!