"On Wednesdays we wear pink."

I'm sorry for that cheesy reference in the tittle, but I am a big fan of Mean girls. Last Wednesday my friends and I actually did wear something pink. That's when I found out that I don't own many pink items, probably because I grew out of the 'wear all pink' stage about 10 years ago. But now I think that pink shouldn't be seen as childish colour, but a colour a mature women can apsaloutly rock!

This wasn't meant to be a pink rant, but a spring favourites, so here I go; I have spoken about the amazing Benefit Roller Lash mascara before as it is wonderful however I haven't worn a lot of makeup in the winter months because my skin needs a rest with the cold weather which results in me getting dry skin. Yay. Not. But I have stuck to this trusty mascara, because it doesn't leave clumps, it stays on all day and I don't have to scrub my eyes red raw to get it off. 

The second thing that I've been wearing everyday is my personalised 'Brigid' necklace because it is so nice to something with my unusual name on. And I prefer silver to gold so that is a plus. On the end of my name there is a little star which I think is so cute. 

Bargain alert! These cool sunglasses are from Primark and were £1! I'm very bad with sunglasses because I either lose them or sit on them . Yes I'm an idiot, but I don't have to be too disappointed if either of those situations occur because I've only lost £1, but on the other hand I still want to lose them because I think the shape are funky and different with a retro vibe going on.

I haven't spoken about this Jimmy Choo perfume in a very long time, but It has continued to be a favourite so much so that I'm worried that I'll run out too quickly so I'm rationing it. I'm afraid I can't just go out and buy nice perfume any day of the week due to my budget, but I'm enjoying the nostalgic smell which reminds me of a bubble bath my mum had when I was little. It probably doesn't smell like that at all but that's what I think of when I put it on.

What are you favourites for spring?


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