Wonderful Winter Blue Boots.

             Happy new year! So, this is the post of 2016 even though I sort of wrote in 2015 ,but oh well.

For Christmas my lovely Dad bought some shoes that I have been lusting over for ages. they are from the website Deichmann shoes. The website is full of beautiful shoes for men, women and children at really affordable prices. In the winter I tend to mostly wear boots as the ground is wet and muddy, so all my boots have gotten a little worn and a bit dirty. Therefore I wanted something more special which came in the form of these Graceland navy blue ankle boots. The collection edited by Hanneli Mustaparta is exclusively online.

If you have ever heard of Hanneli you know that she is serious in the fashion world as she has worked for vogue and her blog is stunning. She helped collaborate in Autumn of last year with Deichmann, so I am a bit behind talking about them, but I just know that these are going to serve me well. I don't need many practical elements to my shoes at the moment, so I'm not worried about the heel even though it is one of the most comfortable heels I have ever worn. Some may disagree, but I cannot see the problem with after walking round in them for hours and hours. The pointed toe really flatter my feet and I just think that they are so fashionable for a women at any age. 


Everything about the design is perfect for me from the gold of the zip to the heel size, but I think the best part is the colour. I wear so much navy and dark blue that its hard to find an outfit that does not compliment these boots. I wore my trusty new look coat that I've in a few blog posts now with a plain, but classic polo neck top from Nobody's child that I also bought in black, so I wear them all the time and  there is no surprise that I am wearing my Foxford scarf. I visited Foxford again a couple of weeks ago and had to really restrain myself from buying more scarfs. 


Even though my bag is looking a little ruff around the edges it has done me well as it was my school bag for years.  It is from The Cambridge Satchel Company and I think it is my most used bag because the classic design is practical and so wearable. I really should buy another,but I don't know if I could ever replace my trusty navy blue satchel as we have quite a bond now. 

What are your favorite shoes?






The look.

Pictures were taken by Cathrinsky in Rufford park.

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  1. Those boots are gorgeous! I love the colour and the zipper element, so cute. It's great that they work so well for you in so many ways! I feel like, for me, they would go largely unworn just because I would have a hard time working with the colour - I already have a royal blue pair of boots and that is my problem with them everytime! Oh well :)


    1. Thanks Erin! Well I'm a blue person and I bet they look amazing on you. xx

  2. Lovely photos and those books are fab! I too love a Cambridge satchel, they wear so well and I reckon they look better as they age :-)

  3. The whole outfit is so cute! But those shoes!! They are so amazing! I love them!

    Shannon Sage

  4. Your photos are very nice! Love your outfit too! :)
    Isabella xx


    1. Thank you. Xx that is all done to my sister's photography talent. :)