Henna Hair.

Because its spring even though it snowed this morning?!! In April! Why?! Anyway I digress, because its spring I wanted to pay with my hair, so I ended up stealing my sister's henna with her permission, so its not really stealing. 
However I didn't know what colour it would be because it no longer had the label so it was a bit of a gamble. Thankfully it payed off.
It you want to Henna your hair then leave a full day for it or an evening, but if you do it in the evening then you will have to sleep in it. So it depends on how much you value your bed sheets. It doesn't work as quick as normal dye because it is more natural so it has to develop for longer, but its worth it as it leaves your hair with a beautiful natural colour and a lovely glossy shine. 

Having someone who can help you apply it can be helpful because of the mess and they can see if you've missed any spots. However I wouldn't go out with this look as you can see from the picture below that you have to wrap your head in cling film which isn't very flattering. 

The instructions are really clear though so anyone can do it, 

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