Lovedamour. Fairy tale wedding.

One thing I love is a wedding and I haven't attended one in a while however the memories of my sister's beautiful wedding day still are clear in my mind. And as a girl who grew up with Disney  I have always aspired to get married like a princess, because I have been taught as a catholic that marriage is a beautiful and sacred thing and that  you get to wear a really nice dress!

Even though I'm not close to getting married I do like to browse wedding bits from dresses to flowers, so I wanted to share an American dress website called Lovedamour which you can have a look at; here.

Here are five of my favorites.

I though that i would start with this dress as I have been a bridesmaid before, so I know what it is to have a great dress on a special day. I love the colour blue and I especially like darker blues, therefore this dress is right up my street. It is actually similar to my own prom dress, so I can not say how much I love it, but I will try anyway. The simplicity of it would be perfect, because it would flatter everyone and would look timeless in the wedding photos that you would have forever.

the second dress I wanted to show you is again completely my taste. like the previous dress. I love the classy-ness of chiffon and how fairy tale is, so the beautiful detailed lace really compliments it. You can have a closer look at it ; here This shape would also flatter so many shapes ,because of the ribbon bringing in your waist. I think this dress is good if you are getting married in a church and you wanted to cover your shoulders, but you don't want actual sleeves 

Is this a princess dress or what?! This definitely reminds me of the newest Cinderella film, so you really would be a Princess on your big day. But since we don't have real fairy God mothers to give us free dresses you have to buy it yourself, but this dress has been reduced by a lot, so you should really have a look before it goes. I love the bottom of this dress as it is full, but it is not so big that you can't walk probably because you don't want to be worrying about being able to walk down the  aisle. The bodice part is so sparkly and pretty and also it is not stapless, so you don't have to think about pulling it up through out the day. You can look at it ;here.

Going back to my fairy tale dreams of my non existent wedding I need to think about what my beautiful niece would wear to my 'wedding'. This dress is so cute that I just want to buy it now just so she can pretend to be a princess. The flower on the sash is perfect in any kind of wedding theme and the affordable price makes it easier if you have many little girls running around. You can find this dress ;here.

Every bride needs her maid of honour and her bridesmaids to help her, so you should really dress them in something beautiful as they will be in  your wedding photos forever and if you make them look bad then they may not help you. Jokes aside being a bridesmaid so much fun and I know this as this is something I actually do have experience in. This dress is great for a bridesmaid at any age and also in any shape, because a bridesmaid need to feel comfortable and happy. This dress comes in do many colours, so you can find your perfect dress for your perfect day whatever perfect looks like you.  You can find it ;here.

I hope you have injoyed this post as it is different from previous posts.
What did you think about these dresses?


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