A bright colour in a dull winter.

Since I found my perfect nude lipstick, which I talked about in this post, I wanted to branch out. My sister and I went browsing the makeup stands last year for fun. I get nervous when it comes to really bright colours, but I just went for it. My sister kindly bought it for me for Christmas. She is the best.

I now love wearing it especially to brighten these miserable gloomy days. And the consistency is so lustrous and mousterizing which is great for me, because I get really dry lips. Not only is the feel of it perfect the smell is delicious. I can't wait to wear it in spring because the pinky coral colour is so bright and cute. The shade is 14. 

Because it's Yves Saint Laurent it does make it special to me and I love to take care of it. I don't have a lot of high end makeup and this is such a great place to start with this lipstick. 

      Yves Saint Laurent Volupté shine.



  1. That lipstick look gorgeous! How much did it cost?

    Jemima x

    1. Thanks. The link I left at the bottom should tell you. (I shouldn't really know because it was a present) xx

  2. It looks like a gorgeous colour! I love using happy colours like this in the winter, it makes everything a bit less gloomy ;)


  3. Looks lovely, looks moisturising from your swatch as well!