Classic Trench coat.

I recently bought this trench coat because a lot of my coats are heavy winter ones, so I needed one that I could wear going into spring. I found it in Primark and it was £15! I had to buy it straight away and I've been wearing it ever since. It is so versitile and practical as well as being effortlessly chic even when I don't. (Which is basically all the time!) 

I was chuffed with Primark that I wanted to do a full Primark outfit for the post which was very easy since I alredy had a nice selection to choose from. I really like wearing this white blouse because it really lifts even a simple pair of jeans, but I mostly just like to tuck it in to a skirt. I couldn't believe the skirt when I saw it because it looked so not like typical Primark. 
The material is so thick and gorgeous to wear and the colours are perfect for each other. However it is a little short so you have to give a little tug down your leg. This may just be because of the way it sits on me as I have large hips, but never the less I love it.

I'm afraid I slightly lied when I said it was all Primark as my scarf and bag are not. The scarf is my usual Foxford when that I talk about in every post and the bag is from accessorise which I talked about in this post. But I really wanted this outfit to be one that I wear everyday so I would be lying if I wasn't wearing my trusty scarf. This trench coat is defiantly going to become a staple like my scarf. 

Have you had any good January purchases? 



  1. This coat is beautiful and I love how you styled it!

  2. This is such a cute outfit! I love a good trench coat :)

    I actually did have some good January purchases in the clothing department: some new bras (desperately needed!) and a skirt for work. A bit boring, actually, but they make life easier ;)


    1. You can't go wrong with bras. It's weird,but I really like buying new bras and I love skirts that I can wear to sixth form xx

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