Mini Lush Haul. Halloween edition.

Ooooooooh its that spooky time of year and Lush knows it as well as everyone else. I had a little look around and fell in love with their Halloween/Autumn items because they're just so cute, so its just a mini haul! Obviously I can't review them on how good they are in the bath as I'm saving them for when I get home. (Student accommodation isn't glamorous)

So, the first item I picked up isn't strictly Halloween, but the orangey colour is very autumnal. I don't really use bars of soap because I have always been told that they are a breading ground for bacteria. Not sure if this is true but anyway, I bought this 'Sexy Peel' soap to put in my underwear draw which you may think is weird. Who else does that? Just me? I love having some yummy soap making my draw smell nice once the smell of washing powder has faded. 'Sexy peel' has a beautiful citrus smell made up of orange and lemon.  Since getting it home the smell is less intense but I think that is generally true for lush. I can't wait to smell it every morning.

The next two are incredibly Halloweeny! Whats more Halloween than creepy cats and pumpkins? And yes the cat has see better days, but it doesn't matter too much when its in the bath. Both of the items are bubble bars which excites me so much because I love going extra when I have a bubble bath. All or nothing. I might prefer the sparkly pumpkin at the moment purely because its covered I glitter. So so pretty! 

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