Lush Love.

Everybody knows lush. It has become amazingly popular over the past few years which is great because they really do have ethics to boast about. I wanted go talk about my favorite scent from lush; snow isn't around all year so that makes it even more special for me.

This year for Christmas I bought my step sister the snow fairy set which is wrapped in pink and silver so it is sickingly sweet like its scent. I also found one for myself under the tree as we had bought each other the same thing. We're probably going to do it again next year.

I really love products that are fun o use for whatever reason and the body shimmer is just divine. Glitter is my favorite thing so the lovely lady in lush directed me to the most glittery thing she could think of so I am now the proud owner of fairy dust. It would be a great gift for a friend because it is so cute and silly.

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