My new makeup; L'Oreal.

I haven't talked about beauty in ages, but recently I've bought new products that I want to talk about and I love watching those makeup videos on Instagram where the ladies are beautiful and talented so I've been desperate to do beauty post! Both my Rimmel foundation and concealer ran out at the same time which is useful because I like to have the same concealer as my foundation. 

I looked around my local boots and swatched a lot. My hand was covered in different foundations! My favourite foundation was the L'oreal True Match foundation, because of the consistency which suits my dry skin and the range of shades. I enjoyed being able to match my skin tone so well. The only problem is this shade is more my summer skin than my pale winter skin, but I always blend it down my neck to avoid the horrible foundation line, but its blenability (definitely not a word) is really good.
 The coverage is about medium and I would avoid layering it to avoid the 'cakey' look, however the concealer is not high coverage. Its slightly annoying because I really need the coverage, but this would be perfect for other people who only want a little helping hand.

I love the powder! As a blogger I used the Rimmel 'stay matte' which was all the range a few years ago so I loved branching out into other products. I would really recommend it as a change as its so smooth and has a lovely finish to keep the shine away.

And now my favourite purchase! This wasn't exactly necessary but I treated myself to this stunning red lipstick so I can be ready for the festive season. I was actually really impressed with its staying power even after eating. 

Have you bought anything recently for the winter time?

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