Shiny Silver.

What a simple outfit...oh wait no! Shiny Silver Shoes! Okay I'm over reacting, but I just love them. I have actually had be say they like my outfit then they look down with wide eyes. But whether they like them or not doesn't bother me one bit. I'm all for wear what you want to wear because that's they only way you will feel comfortable with yourself.

And this is totally me. Plain, but with a bit of sparkle. Anyway I think these Asos jeans are great because they are nice and short for my little legs. I've talked about these before in my Everyday Asos post. This outfit is so comfy especially on a rainy day which I discovered earlier in the week when I got caught in a hail storm, but even when it's a nice day in a the park it is still comfy. 

I've been seeing these white and blue striped shirts everywhere, so I had to buy one because I love it when something my style becomes popular in the shops. This shirt is from Primark and was about £12 so bargain. This bag is about two years old and it has done my a great service; I bought it from accessorise which is where I get all my trusty handbags from. 

My favourite part of this style apart from the shies is my new necklace that was made for me by a very talented creator. I have never found anything with my name, so I have to get things specially made for me. I love my name, Brigid, but it can be a faff sometimes. 

I really recommend buying a crazy out there purchase for fun. 

Shirt and coat from Primark.

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