Light and Bright in autumn.

So the days are getting shorter, its dark when I wake up and its dark when I come home at night on some days. Therefore it feel like to snuggle up in pjs and in the day time i'm wearing layers to keep warm but I've found they tend to be dark layers. But why? I can understand wearing autumnal colours like greens and reds to match the leaves but wearing black is miserable. I brought this light blue jumper from New Look during the summer because i loved the pretty colour but it was just too warm to wear so it got put in my draws (with the label. I know its bad.)

It wasn't until a friend said "Bridge, you're wearing a lot of black at the moment" They were right, so I'm trying to mix it up. Im so restless when it comes to clothes. Depending who i'm going to be see a lot of or where I will be which is understandable but I can get so incredibly fed up. Anyway I hope this light blue jumper gets me loving the bright and light colour because fashion isn't supposed to be safe because as it has been said; "Florals for spring. Ground breaking" (anyone get that reference?). 
Lets just do what we want and not just be the same every year, but I'm not saying that I'm cutting out black because I doubt that is going to happen.

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