Review. Benefit's roller lash mascara.

Hello, I've done something I probably shouldn't have done. Oh well. I went shopping with my sister a few days ago for fun. It was after payday. I treally wanted to buy something nice and a little more special for myself. That sounds very selfish, but I was rewarding myself. 
I've heard great things about benefit make up and as I have the porefessional primer i knew had to be a least 'alright'. I was right for once. It is fantastic. 

I've been using it for a few days and I've really noticed a difference in the length of my lashes however in you're looking for major volume this is not the product for you, I think Benefit's 'they're real' is better for that. My lashes have never been amazing or thick, but this product is great for everyday and evening as it lengthens, slightly thickens and it doesn't clump up your lashes and stick them together. This my new favourite mascara and it is worth the price. (£19.50) shock horror! 
What'd your favourite mascara? 
Have a great week.

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