Autumn leaves style. November

Hello, how are you? I'm sorry that this post is late. but we had unforeseen visitors, so I didn't have time to do anything. We also have visitors I put his together as quickly as possible.

In England it is obviously cold at the this time of year, so walking to school at 8:30 am is not always pleasant. I love coats and I love getting a bargain in Primark, so when I found this Camel coloured boyfriend coat at £25 I was over the moon I wasn't quite sure at first however my sister said it looked great and I trust her opinion. It is so warm and cozy. 
I'm wearing my trusty green jumper again (I do wear other clothes I promise.) and my grey skirt from H and M which is also worn on a regular basis. I think it was about £3.99 or something like that from their amazing basic range. It is so nice to have a shop that can just offer me good quality basics in one place and at a good price. 

My scarf is one of my favorite items, because it from the Foxford woolen mills in Co. Mayo in Ireland where I spend my holidays every year. The Mill is a museum and a beautiful shop full of quality and carefully made items. They are worth their price every time, because they will last a lifetime. My mum bought a throw for her friend for a wedding gift 20 years ago and it is still going strong even after dealing with family life and everything that comes with it. When she visited us in Ireland she then bought three more for a child to have as they grow up. I cant speak highly enough and I really want to buy another. 

After the previous photo. Leaves everywhere,

Trying to make a leaf angel. 

Have a lovely day. What have you been keeping warm in?

The coat and jumper can be found at Primark.

Piparivahtiperhonen Regular

Photos taken by my sister.


  1. Girl I'm digging those glasses!

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award.If you accept the nomination click on the link below to follow the instructions. And don't forget to send me a link of your post so I can be sure to check it out!


    1. Thank you so much. I get really self conscience about them. xxx

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