My new autumn shoes.

 I am truly enjoying autumn and everything that comes with, but most of all I'm loving the fashion. I love the colours and comfyness of autumn clothes so I tend to keep to the same clothes. I really wanted to try something completely new.
I've been looking at some similar shoes on Asos but my sister came across these in Debenhams, so she very kindly bought them for me.

These leopard print shoes are not everyone's cup of tea and I wasn't even sure about them at first as I usually wear plainer clothes and avoid patterns. I decided to just go for it and push the boat out because I think fashion should be fun and a bit crazy. It should be who you are and for me that is crazy. 
I've been wearing these shoes for a week now and I love them even with the blister they gave me. They have made my black jeans and plain thin jumpers so much more interesting which is great in sixth form as I can express myself more now I don't wear uniform anymore.

I've never worn shoes from kurt Geiger before, so it was fun to try as I usually buy shoes from Primark as they get worn a lot! My feet no longer grow, do the only time I get get rid of my shoes is when they get ruined which happens more often then it should. I'm going to try hard to take care of these shoes because they were a present and I think they are pretty.

Have a lovely day.

 You can find them here at Debenhams.
The shoes I originally looked at on Asos

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    1. Thank you. I'm such a shoe addict! Xx

  2. I love these! I think they will make everyday outfits look amazing!

  3. I love leopard print shoes!! These ones are so cute, especially the chain detail. Would be great if you could check out my recent fashion post? :)

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