Baby Benefit.

So this isn't supposed to be a Christmas thing since that has been and gone, but I really wanted to talk about these adorable as I call them 'baby' Benefit products. I'm a little biased because Benefit is my favourite makeup brand. I think it is so fun and creative as well as providing amazing results. 
I've never used any of these products before, but now I know whether I wont to purchase the full size versions.

"That Gal" and "Bad Gal" are my favourite by far. Not that I don't like the others because that is far from the truth, but I just don't wear blusher because I have very pink cheeks anyway so emphasising that is not a good look for me.
Back to the favs; I have really dull skin at the moment so That Gal is like a highlighting primer to give your skin a glow without it being shining in all the wrong places. I've been through a few mascaras over the years, but Bad Gal is amazing! It completely fans out your lashes and I've never had a mascara applicator that curls my thin straight lashes.
I hope you are having a fantastic New Year.

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