My Brow story.

I thought this week I would do a little story time. I started talking about my brows in last weeks post when telling you all about my current favourite brow product, but we will get to that later, and it got me thinking about my brow evolution. And how I got the point of today where I like them.

So many of us can relate to feeling like we should do something to our brows and maybe we should do less as the in the last 8 years or so brows have really become a 'thing'. Like everything else brow stles have come in and out of fashion from the leave them alone bushing to the drawn on line. I'm sure each had their good points, but we have all seen that person who took it too far. But then again scouse brow as I have heard been called is a 'look'. Most people have a complex relationship with theirs brows especially when we look back at old photos and think why did we do that?! I think our brow thoughts have intensified buy the beauty industry who have filled the market with products over the past few years to saturation point. There are products everywhere now that didn't even exist 10 years ago. 

My story starts out like my people's; I had no thoughts about my eyebrows as a child. Why would I? But then as I grew into a teenager I started to notice that lots of girls were doing stuff their eyebrows like plucking or filling them in and as a naive girl I thought I should join the crowd. It was either year 7 or 8 that I found some tweezers and went to work and basically had Angus Thongs and perfect snogging moment. (Where she accidentally shaves half of it off). It wasn't that bad but I remember trying to get this one hair and failed to notice that I was taking more and more hairs out. It looked terrible. 
Instead of helping me or explaining what to do next time because I was only 11 so how was I supposed to know anyway, the people around me made sure I felt extremely embarrassed and miserable about the situation, so I didn't touch my eyebrows for 7 years! Apart from brushing them so they were neat and filling in the sparse areas for a presentable look. Luckily bushy brows have been in thanks to people like Cara Delevingne and Amelia Clarke, but those little hairs still annoyed me. Luckily my best friend is an export on the whole plucking brows thing and went to work on mine. After she finished one she said 'now I know what I'm doing' which made me laugh so much, because that is not something you say to someone as you pluck their eyebrows. She just meant that was getting used to someone else'es brows, but it was funny no the less. 

The ulimate brow product that topped all others is the Benefit Foolproof brows and it does what is says on the tin. It is a natural looking powder with two shades so you can get the perfect shade for your brows. The best thing about Benefit is that you can take a quiz on their website so if you really don't know where to start with the millions of brow products you can answer questions about your current brows and what you want them to look like. They will tell you what you need and also have a really fun virtual brow try on which is so helpful and funny to do at the same time. My brow routine after plucking now consists of brushing them through then using a really the Benefit brown brow powder to gently fill in any sparse areas as I found pencils look way too strong on me. Its another situation where less is more

The transformation is complete and I am so happy with my eyebrows, so please learn from me.
Don't feel pressured to touch your eyebrows because everyone else is doing it. You probably have great eyebrows. I know my sister never needs to touch hers because they are naturally good. 

And if you do want to change them then get someone else to do who knows what they are doing. Skip the embarrassing part and go straight to having good eyebrows. Its more fun that way. 

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