Valentines day to me.

Valentines day means different to things to different people. For some its a normal day, for some its 'galentines' and a chance to celebrate friendship and for a few its a chance to show a romantic side. I do think Valentine's Day is a little too commercial and is trying to sell the idea of romance, but I also think it is a positive day that we can all enjoy. 

  Valentine's Day for me this year is a little different, because my boyfriend and I are currently in a long distance relationship while we're at uni unlike last year where we had the typical cute date. So Valentine's Day will consists of Face-timing as usual and receiving our cards through the post. Some of my friends feel bad for me and have offered to do something with me which is sweet, but when you miss someone everyday a particular holiday doesn't make you feel better or worse. Long distance isn't for everyone, but we have made it work for us, so if you think that person is worth waiting for then do it! We don't let other people's thoughts get in the way. I've actually had people say to me that long distance doesn't work which wasn't particularly helpful, however that person doesn't know anything about our happy relationship. We're both aware of what people think, but being able to show everyone that we can do it is romantic to me. 

My view of romance has changed over the years as I've grown up. I've gone from being enthralled by the Disney world full of damsels in distress and handsome princes as my parents were divorced this was the image of relationships that I was regularly presented with. This lead onto
 to young adult fiction, as a young teenager, full of silly dramatic love that continues to paint an unrealistic concept of romance. Some of these relationships are borderline unhealthy (and they usually involve vampires....). None of this helps you prepare for the real world of romance. I was unprepared and thoroughly let down in all ways by a few nasty boys when I did go into the real world of 'dating' or whatever you would like to call it. Its not that my expectations were too high, but I was expecting the wrong things (and had a thoroughly bad taste in boys from the age of 15 to 17)

But then I met my boyfriend and he instantly became my best friend and I was shown what real romance is. Its not a tacky card and red roses once a year. Neither is it huge expensive gestures to show your superiority to other couples. I think romance is having the constant support that a good partner provides. He is always on my side and doesn't mind when I have a sulk (I'm quite good at that). He can always make me happy and that doesn't include expensive jewellery or cliched gifts. Its made up of laughs and cuddles and making pancakes. Romance is different to everyone, so I think the commercialisation of Valentine's day doesn't really do it justice.  So maybe instead of trying to be romantic once a year, make it a constant in your life through small meaningful gestures. 

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