Morning motivation. (Or lack there of)

This time last year mornings were not an issue. I always considered myself a morning person and rarley slept in even on the weekend. A lie in for me consisted of sleeping in until around 10 then probably having a pyjamas day.  I had spent nearly my entire life in one routine; get up for school which is not optional, wear a uniform for 5 days a week and pack the same belongings into the same bag. I think it was the lack of options that made it so easy.

What a life, but fast forward to now mornings have not been so idyllic. I have moved a million miles away from my school life routine which had trained my body clock perfectly to the adult life where suddenly the option of sleeping can be really appealing. I am not saying that uni is optional and I have never treated it that way (100% attendance thank you very much), but the lack of....mmm... policing maybe? That isn't the best word, but what I mean is that if I don't turn up to uni then no one will check up on me. And trust me this can be attractive. My other so called excuse for lack of morning motivation is that I work at night which exactly is a pretty good excuse. If you read my Fresh start post then you will know that I work as a bartender which means I get the joy of finishing work at anytime between 1 and 4 in the morning. And wow that can take it out of you, but I've come up with some things that really help me in the morning so I don't slip into bad habits. I have no intention of getting up at midday on a daily basis.

Go to bed earlier, yes this is painfully obvious, but so many people will go to bed in good time but have no intention of going to sleep. I'm guilty of taking my phone to bed, but on my nights off I make a conscious effort to have a night routine so I can get to sleep at the earliest opportunity. I've heard that the sleep you get before midnight tend to be the deepest and best sleep to get so surely it will make the mornings a little easier.

Make lists. This will help clear your head of those busy plans and a million little things you need to remember. I find this so helpful and relaxing and then in the morning I am motivated because I have a list I can follow. I can remember a million song lyrics, but trust me I will forget to put my washing on.  And in the morning, the prospect of getting up and getting on with the day is a lot less intimidating when you know what you're doing. I'm really bad for putting things off when there is a lot to do which makes it even worse. Lists are a huge motivation. 

You do you. You have to be kind to yourself, so do whatever you need to do to get that motivation going. For I don't close my curtains entirely so in the morning I get to wake up to a bit of sun light (Depending on the time of the year) which means I don't feel as errh about getting out of bed. I like a light and warm room when I wake up so I can jump out of bed....once I have scrolled through social media. That wakes my brain up and allows me to get going. Who else is guilty of picking their phone up as soon as they wake up? Lets get motivated!

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