Benefit Pinks for Spring.

I feel like Benefit has been every where recently! They went above and beyond when bringing out their new mascara; Bad Gal Bang. Like flying Youtubers out to the Maldives above and beyond. I loved how hyped they got about a mascara, because I feel like a brand that puts so much effort into just one product must be worth buying. I have loved Benefit for so long and I always end up going back to them because when buying high end makeup I want to know its worth my money. I have never been disappointed by any products and its nice to feel like a brand actually cares about the customer. Who else agrees? 

Today I will talking about this adorable benefit set which I think is perfect for spring. I love wearing pinky colours in spring to compliment the season. They always makes me think of flowers and warmth and it really contrasts with the dark and autumnal colours from the colder seasons. I'm really looking forward to introducing lighter colours into my new Capsule Wardrobe and experimenting with them. You can read about my little trial here.  But focusing more on makeup now...

First of all I love this mini Roller Lash Mascara because its going to be so useful for when I go on holiday later on in the year. I can stick it in any handbag while having my big one in my makeup bag. I love what it does for my lashes and I tend to wear it as an everyday mascara rather than a going out one. I won't go into it too much because I have already written a full post on it here if you want to know more about it. 

The next little joy is the Dandelion Dew which is probably my favourite apart from the classic Roller Lash Mascara. I was initially  a little weary of the bright pink dew as I don't tend to wear blush because I have naturally very pink cheeks, so I try to avoid the clown look. However, because it is liquid you can blend it perfectly for a subtle pink dewy which is my cup of tea as I wear dewy makeup all year round to avoid my naturally dry skin. 

The Posie tint makes me so happy because you can use it for both your lips and cheeks. What a perfect little item to have in your handbag. Just imagine when you're half way through the day and you feel meh, but then you can get your Posie tint out your bag and be renewed for the day. A quick brush of the tint with your fingers onto your cheeks and lips and you will glow! This pink is definitely a bright summer shade as there is nothing dull about it. 

The final part of the set is a good old blusher. I love it, but I'll be honest I don't wear it as a blush because it is too pink for my cheeks, however I wear it as an eye-shadow. I actually have it on now as I write this. I use a fluffy brush to apply it on my lids and blend and that's it. Its great for my simple makeup look that applies no thought what so ever and basically wear it nearly everyday. All these products are effortless and light weight on the skin which sounds like Spring makeup to me 
What is your spring colour? 

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