A Girly Pink Lace Dress

To carry on the my Zaful blog series, I am writing about something I'm looking for at the moment and that is a lacy pink dress. If you haven't heard of Zaful then go and read my last post here. Hopefully that will set the scene for why I am writing about this one-stop shop for fashion's most exciting and edgy apparel. Last week I spoke a really casual piece of clothing which is the denim jacket, because I think everyone owns some Denim. 

But its time to show the variety on Zaful, so I have a couple of more formal events coming up in the next years so I really need to get my act together and do some proper shopping. And like I said, Zaful is my one stop shop for this season and next season, and this season i have seen the rise in pink! We have moved on from the pink our mothers' put us in as children and the ealry 2000 hot barbie pink which I think we should forget to be honest. We seem to have found a beautiful classic baby pink which I think could suit everyone. Lace will always be fashionable so the you should definitly check all these out!

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