New Old shoes; 70s Asos shoes.

 I'm really trying to branch out in fashion. I do tend to stick to the same type of style as you know if you've seen any of my previous post, so I wanted to go for something new. I really love the 70s style from looking at people like Alexa Chung; I know that the 70s trend as been a while and I have been going along with the suede skirt that I really love, but I wanted to do more. However I get nervous that I will do something and look ridiculous as most people do at some point in their life.

When I saw these shoes I was really excited, because I knew they would be the thing to get the ball rolling. The shape of the shoes is nothing like I have ever had before and also the colour is gorgeous and really wearable. Even the heel makes me think of ABBA and Lava Lamps. The quality is just fantastic as they are from Asos. As much as I love Asos I would love if they came from a cool and hipster vintage shop on Brick Lane, but we can't have everything.

I can't wait to style these in a cool and new outfit. I think this year its all about incorporating the 70s in your style and not just trying to wear full on 70s, so I will be scrolling through Pinterest a lot. I was thinking they would look good with jeans, because getting in spring it seems more acceptable to wear opened toe shoes. 

Are you trying anything a bit different for a fashion trend?

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