Easter for me.

Its nearly Easter day! For us Christians it is a celebration for Jesus. Its only a few months since we welcomed Jesus into the world and now we've said goodbye to him on Good Friday and now we are going to say hello again. As lovely as it is to binge chocolate we really need to remember the true meaning that most people know about, but just forget because the shops have just turned it into a money making scheme as they do with Christmas.

Even though most people have only just started to think about Easter we've been thinking about it since Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday when lent started.
I give up chocolate again this year, but I have done terribly this year due to temptation and just going through a bad time. (I'm an emotional eater) But I will try again next year. The whole point of this post is to really get you to think of the true meaning even just for a minute while you're having your Sunday lunch or scoffing yummy chocolate eggs. (The shape of the egg represents the stone in front of Jesus' tomb and new life. Fun fact) Please don't think that being Christian is just about praying (I mean praying is an important part) and being serious all the time, because it is so much more. Its coming together as a community and a family of God; my friends at church are the funniest and most relaxed people I know. I can't quite put into words the amazing feeling that I get when I feel close to God, but I'm sure fellow religious people will know what I mean.
Anyhow I still love getting my Easter eggs and I put together a little Easter egg hunt for my niece which is what the pictures are of. Enjoy your Easter day or whatever you happen to be doing tomorrow.

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