Easter OOTD.

Hello, even though I usually only write posts for my blog on a Saturday, I thought, because it is a special occasion i would do another one. I am Catholic and go to church every Sunday. I have been a catholic all my life so when it comes to Easter my family and I celebrate it not just because we love chocolate but because of our beliefs. I know lots of people just like the choclate and that's fine but because we celebrate the traditional meaning behind Easter (the Jesus part) I like to wear something nice. 
I bought this blue shirt recently from Primark and I love it because it does not have a proper colar therfore I don't risk looking school like. My jeans are from Newlook and the shoes are my new favourite. They were £12 from Primark which is fantastic and they will look great in lots of outfits because they are white. I wear this coat all the time because of the colour and cut but a good coat is a good investment. And I hope you like the rabbit ears I borrowed from little niece for fun.
I think this is the end of my monochrome outfits intill next winter as the sun is now out with the beautiful flowers on a daily basis. Hello spring.


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