Je ne sais pas ce que je pensais

Well I've done it. I've given in to a fashion trend. This is one of the last trends that I thought that I would go for. I mean I'm not 6ft and I'm not a beanpole in size. Why on earth would I go for short think trousers when my legs are already short and thick?! But I did it. I've decided that sometimes life is too short to care about what people think, so I went out and got these high waisted culottes from Primark. I think they were about £10 (don't quote me on that) which is a bargain.

I knew that I had to have high waisted ones otherwise my legs would look so short and they are short anyway, but I think that they don't look too bad. They have elastic around the waist which I appreciated after going for a scrumptious afternoon tea in a beautiful village in the Lincolnshire wolds. The whole tea shop is so vintage and cute which was wonderful as we were celebrating my Mum's birthday. So the culottes served me well in everyway. 

I've had this stripped top for a long time because you can't go wrong with a classic stripped t-shirt. Pairing the navy blue culottes with a stripped top made me feel a little Parisian so I couldn't resist a red lip which is very unusual for me. Everything in the outfit is from the marvellous Primark except for my trusty Accesserize bag. (I really need to control my navy blue addiction.) Well techniquely the shoes are not navy blue but dark blue in my defence and you may be able to see my faded Henna on my feet if you look carefully.

I would recommend trying some culottes even if you thought they weren't for you because I love wearing them now even though the thought scared me and my little short legs.  So if you want to wear something just go for it!! 
What things do you put off wearing? 


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