No more over-packing.

This post is basically me planning my packing for my upcoming holidays, but I thought I could make it useful. I have always been an over-packer and a 'just in case' person when I pack my clothes, because I never want to feel without when I'm on holiday. Having a capsule wardrobe has helped in this area, because I have put more thought into my style and what goes together, so when I pack I instantly know what I wear all the time and what thing go together so I don't need that random extra top just in case. This is just a fashion packing post, because I can go on for hours about packing which no one wants. I am in no way a packing expert, but I thought I would share my process and simple rules. 

What is your style? First of all I always try to continue what I learnt in 'The Curated Closet' about knowing your own style because if you get that down then everything will fall into place. If you haven't got your style down then not many things are going to go together so you will probably need more items to create an outfit. Cohesive means less I think.

What kind of holiday is it? Another obvious point is think about where you're going because there is no need to back a crop top if you're going to Iceland and you don't need a winter coat in Tenerife. This year I am lucky enough to go to Cornwall and St Andrews so I wont need a bikini but I need to appreciate our random heat waves this month. This is something to think about when you read my list as it may it is a guidline/inspiration especially if your style is different or are going somewhere particularly hot or cold. I also think about what I'm going to be doing while on holiday because this can affect our outfits me than you think. I'll be doing lots of leisurely walking in Cornwall around Nation trust properties and going to the beach which means I need to be comfortable but I don't need to go full D of E practical.
I know it sounds painfully obvious, but think how long you're going for. Think about how often you change outfits in a normal week, because many people won't wear a pair of jeans for one day and then leave them, so why do that on holiday?

Write a list.  Before I go searching for my suitcase in the spare room I will right a list. I usually form it in a day to day style, so I can see what my week will look like. I will write out what particular items I want to take like a certain top or jeans then I will plan my outfits day to day, so I don;t keep adding items endlessly hoping I can make something work when I get there.  I'm not too rigorous with this as the weather can change and I might fancy something different. I wish I can be like my Dad who can pack a few t-shirts and be done.

Leave space. Purely because it means I haven't over packed and I have space for anything I want to buy while I'm there.

So Bon Voyage!

This is a really basic list to start with. It doesn't have to be much more complex though.
Clothing. (For a week)


Denim Skirt

2 Light knits

4 tops.
(Mixture of long sleeves and short sleeves)

2 dresses.


'Nice' shoes.

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