The Christmas tag.

We are so close to Christmas and I hope you're excited like I am. I wanted to do a Christmas tag that I read on one of my favourite blogs; Peach Perfect

When do you get excited about Christmas? 
Usually its pretty early, but this year I have been away at uni and in my job, (bartender) you can't get excited by the rude people at manic Christmas parties. So I got excited when I came home for the holidays.

Do you prefer giving or receiving presents? 
I'm a terrible person, but I love getting presents. However, I do also get really excited when I see people open presents because I love to see them smile. 

What is the worst Christmas gift you have ever received?
Mmmm let me think. I've never received anything terrible, but I've had a few toiletry sets that I never used.

Is your tree real or fake?
Its usually fake but we have a real one this year. 

What is your favourite Christmas/seasonal drink? 
On Christmas eve we get together and have cocktails which I love because everyone is so happy and excited. 

Where do you spend Christmas?
Always in our family home, everyone comes to us and we have a big feast. I spend boxing day at my Dad's house and have a second Christmas. You can imagine how stuffed I get. 

Where is a dream location you would like to visit during the Christmas season?
Its a bit boring but home is the only place I'd like to spend Christmas. But I'd love to visit some European cities during December. I think Spain would be amazing around Christmas because they are such a Catholic country. I love seeing other traditions. 

What is your favourite Christmas film? 
Has to be Elf. I think its heart warming and hilarious. 

I'd love to hear your answer to these questions. 

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