Purple hair.

Since it is currently the summer holidays I thought I should try something different. In June, for my birthday my dad bought lots of hair dye random colours like blonde, pink, red and purple.  I have dyed my hair many times before so I wasn't worried about the actual process. However I have only done natural colours so I didn't quite know how it would turn out.

I thought a purpley colour would be the least scary, so I went for it. This is the finished result. Something I noticed was that for the first couple of washes some dye can come out, but with this dye it was over 10 washes before it stopped coming out even though it is permanent. My shower water was always slightly pink. 

Its been about a month and it is less purple and just dark brown now, I'm not disappointed since I go back to school soon and we are only allowed natural hair colours. This is a recent picture taken by my sister while I was holding my beautiful niece. There will be more pictures of this particular outfit coming soon. 

Piparivahtiperhonen Regular

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